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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkhaic View Post
    Why are you nerfing the beguiler? It's tier 3 already.
    It's the top of tier 3, and gets foresight, time stop, and moment of prescience. At lower levels it gets freedom of movement + true seeing + Great Invis, which together break 2/3 the encounters of their CR or lower. Plus color spray, sleep, and glitterdust save-or-loses every encounter until level 5, when they get glibness and all encounters against intelligent enemies start to fail.

    It's a small list with a high wheat-to-chaff proportion, and they cast it all spontaneously. I just delayed access a couple of levels.

    Note that I also banned the dread necro, because of its crazy minionmancy, but its spell list is otherwise worse. Fewer save-or-lose at low levels, and its only real encounter shut-down is... death ward? Maybe another I missed?