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    "Phiarlan," Phinneas says with a chuckle. "His employer is House Phiarlan, the elder elven bearers of the Mark of Shadow." The gnomish professor's eyes bounce back and forth between Sevruul and the letter; something here wasn't quite matching up. "What of the letters, then, Sevruul?" the gnome asks. "Initial analysis of the retrograde slant of the letters tells me it was written with the left hand, while you hold your pipe in your right. Also, the flourish in the bottom whirl of the 'S' indicates that the script was written by a female. So who in the House wrote these letters, and what do they claim to know?

    You see, I'm always happy to prevent the spread of the Dark Six, but for more pragmatic reasons. The spike in crime rates around Wildnight, for instance, are despicable. It all came to a head about threescore years ago with the murder of the Alvarez sisters. Crying shame, that was...but I digress. I am leery about a war criminal stepping out of the shadows to offer me a quick path to heroism. It reminds me of a certain Brelish trade embargo you circumvented to the detriment of the entire nation and the fledgling House Thuranni. If I recall correctly, you initially presented the Brelish with a bevy of promises that turned out to be hollow, so forgive me if I'm slow to trust this opportunity."
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