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    Quote Originally Posted by bjoern View Post
    Just like the reds apple ale commercial.

    A guys walking along and someone zings a spell book at his head.


    thinks about it

    "I know magic"

    Or kung fu, depending on which reference is more suitable.
    Quote Originally Posted by erradin View Post
    The earth is restored, as well as all of the people that used to be on it. The only thing the people seem able to remember about the event is Backwaterj.
    Quote Originally Posted by Scarlet Knight View Post
    Nice job, Backwaterj! Now how are we going to proceed after that? I can't even...I just can't...
    Spoiler: Current Characters
    Lark, strongheart halfling chainfighter/crusader of Tymora (Red Hand of Doom/Cyclopean Deeps)
    "It is clearly the Lady's divine will that we go . . ." *flips coin* "this way!"

    Stormcrow, human cyber-ranger/ex-shaman with amnesia (Shadowrun 4e)
    "Enough of this superstitious mumbo-jumbo. Let's get to some **** that makes sense!"

    Sumasqi Ek'lhamae, deep imaskari duskblade (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk Zhentil Keep)
    "Well, whether this is the work of the Netherese or some other planomancy altogether, it's certainly substandard. Frankly, I expected better of the Great Demon Prince."

    Banshee, elf technoshaman, currently operating by proxy via a military-grade spy drone named Alice (Shadowrun 4e)
    (texting god) "In the meantime, think on this: could you make a rock so big you yourself couldn't move it? And if so, could I give it a go?"

    Tarrog Fleshrend, feral gray orc totemist (Slumbering Tsar 3-man, 'cause we're crazy that way. )
    "You're not as useless as you appear, elf. I don't think I'll eat you today."

    Thorvald Maginnis, dwarven arcane trickster (unnamed 3.5 campaign)
    *pounds empty bottle on table* "Oy, wench! They don't pay ye t'look pretty! An' a good thing that be!"

    Seraph NT-063, Xellarian battle mech piloted by rabbit-sized insectoid pilot (Stellar University on Discord)
    "What's a macroid?"
    "It is the term we use on Xellaris to describe biological entities of immense size and strength such as yourselves. When we first encountered macroid cultures we were . . . amazed. Imagine meeting for the first time biological entities the size and shape of . . . spacecraft? Is this the correct term?"

    Spoiler: Characters "On Hiatus"
    Brand (Kevlin Delmar), halfling thrower (Rappan Athuk mk I)
    "That's not a human-sized greatsword, that's ammunition!"

    Nocturne (Junea Delmar), halfling ecoterrorist druid (Rappan Athuk mk I)
    "But for the races of man there is no such balance. They band together, build cities of brick and stone and the flesh of trees far older than their civilizations, and they make war upon all that keeps the world healthy. They have made themselves immune to the balance that governs the natural world. Or so they would like to think."

    Grannarg Mot'leth, half-orc hexblade and Gruumsh devotee (Rappan Athuk mk I - yes, I killed a lot of characters in this campaign)
    "I do not respond to dwarven clerics of debauchery or elves who cannot spell a simple orcish name correctly, and I make no apologies for provoking the dragon who would have killed you all. If a glass bowl is worth more than your pathetic lives I will gladly take the latter."

    Lriyhani "Moonscar" Al-Saryhim, drow sword dancer/priestess of Eilistraee (Rappan Athuk mk II)
    "We face the laughter, indeed embrace it as one of the kinder fates to befall those of us who choose the path of the Dark Maiden. Should the laughter turn to hatred that burns as the noonday sun then we face that as well, knowing our Lady dances with us even in the brightest day."

    Leannith Av'laraek, maenad dragonborn Knight of Bahamut (Sons of Gruumsh)
    "By the blessed breath of Bahamut, show yourselves, cowards!" *turns to teammates* "What do you mean you were trying to sneak up? Surely you have more honor than that!"

    Spoiler: My Games

    As GM:

    Waiting on that lazy GM to get his act together: Freeholders (3.5 monstrous gestalt)

    Untitled (Eberron 3.5, multiple character sets, home group, on hiatus due to friends running other stuff)

    As a player:

    Shadowrun 4.0 (home group, 2 campaigns)

    Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk Zhentil Keep 3.5 (home group)

    Slumbering Tsar

    Cyclopean Deeps apparently we like Frog God.

    Spoiler: Parade of Avatars!

    Left to right: Lriyhani, Lark, Sumasqi, Banshee/Alice, the Abotar, Seraph

    What's that you say? Recruiting for an interesting PBP? Drop me a line!
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