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    Default Recaiden Child Directory

    Children here can all be assumed to have
    Alignment: True Neutral/Colorless
    Class/Profession: None
    Power Rating: E- / 1

    Atorre's Children

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human++, winged
    Age: From July 2015
    Description: Black-skinned human toddler, curly black hair, bat-like wings, green eyes, no visible gem. Off-white swaddling.
    Personality: Melancholic. Excitable.
    Abilities: Walking!
    Backstory: Son of Plum and Seren. Left on Nick's doorstep, then given to GLoG.

    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human+, winged
    Age: From June 2013
    Description: Light brown-skinned human toddler, short brown hair, bat-like wings, green eyes, an orange gem in the center of her forehead. Blue footie pyjamas.
    Personality: Curious. Excitable.
    Abilities: Walking! Saying individual words! Eventually she should learn to fly.
    Backstory: Left in Riverside by Atorre, to be retrieved by Okami's pack as part of a social experiment. Humans grow up faster than the other races, so they're best suited to these things.
    Daughter of Marcie and Tavlii.
    Can not easily be found.

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 9
    Description: A gangly, narrow boy.
    Personality: The circumstances of his youth left Alex brain-damaged, with monomaniacal tunnel vision.
    Backstory: Child of Kai and Derek, Alex was at the time Atorre's most ambitious experiment in extending the link. It was informative, but an almost total failure. He is well cared-for on the island.


    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Shallar
    Age: From some time before June 7, 2016
    Description: A snow-white vulpan kit.
    Personality: Dedicated and loyal, eager to prove himself.
    Abilities: Although not old enough to shapeshift like his father, he does have a psionic empathic sense.
    Backstory: Child of Arlem and Felina, he's a pureblood Shallar rather than a hybrid like Shaneir thanks to the medipotions provided by the lich Michaud.
    Miscellaneous: Pledge, Pledge, Pledge.


    The four children of Keiko and Cleo, from Keiko using Michaud's spell the night after the storm god was banished.
    Age: From January 2017
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Shadow Dragon
    Description: Shiny eastern-style dragons with glossy scales. They have fringes, whiskers, slightly mobile ears, and fins, often more colorful than the scales on their body and legs.

    Ayako looks quite like her mother, with black scales, fringes fading through dark purple, lavender, and lilac to silvery white, and piercing red eyes.
    Traits: Bold and snappy.

    Miyako looks quite like her mother, with black scales, fringes fading through dark purple, lavender, and lilac to silvery white, and piercing red eyes.
    Traits: Melancholy and nervous.

    Kronoa has scales of mottled red, black, pink, and purple. Her fringes, whiskers, ears, and fins are a riot of different colors. Her eyes are distant and faintly glowing grey.
    Traits: Quiet, Calm

    Hanako takes after her father, pink all over like the light of late dawn. Her fringes, whiskers, ears, and fins are all the same pink-gold. Her eyes are intense and brightly glowing green.
    Traits: Curious, playful, encouraging.
    Miscellaneous: Gets along with Hunter's fox.
    Color: Peru

    Amyria Mein

    Gender: Neuter
    Race/Species: Post-shallar
    Age: Young
    Alignment: Green and Blue and White / Lawful Neutral
    Class/Profession: Politician
    Power Rating: C
    Description: A swarm of scores, maybe hundreds of tiny flying dragon-reptiles, each weighing about half a kilogram, which have zero to six legs. Silver in color. They may form together into approximations of humanoid creatures. Specifically, an androgynous, silvery-skinned human with pointy frilled ears and slightly large eyes. Teeth are a single ridged piece, and they stand well over six feet tall.
    Personality: Pragmatic, teasing, greedy.
    Equipment: One bright light embroidered outfit bought with money for participating in an experiment. Mayor's sash.
    Abilities: Transformations, flexible anatomy, generating lightning bolts, flying, mind reading and other psionic powers.
    "the ability of being able to identify and interpret magical auras! No mystic bauble will go unidentified with this guy around!"
    Backstory: Came into the Nexus following Arlem's call to his family. Quite scornful of their primitive ancestor, they attempted to steal him away, and ended up speaking with Inari's messengers. Asked around, came to Riverside, began political campaigning. Became mayor, argued for the district t stay independent. Investigated demons, lost to Jezebel. Died in the demon invasion.
    Miscellaneous: Not allowed to join the temple of Inari.
    Can be found in the Eastside Town Hall.
    Spoiler: Modules

    Alpha modules are like Aki, Mei in miniature. Tiny dragons with 4 legs, long sail wings running down the tail, and little horns. Alphas are generic and highly expendable.
    Limb - Forming the interacting parts of a humaniform colonies.
    Padding - Filling in the flesh and bone, armoring the more important pieces.

    Beta modules have no legs or horns. Flying serpents, they're found only in large colonies. Betas have high psychoactivity and are low in mass. Structural elements that are reticent to split up and soothe other modules into cooperation.
    Psionic Amplifier - Lets the colony manifest psychic powers outside their immediate area.
    Wyvern Locomotion Core (no practical application)
    Humanoid Locomotion Core
    Quadruped Locomotion Core (no practical application)
    Morality Nullifier

    Gamma modules are like wyverns. Two back legs, and shorter necks than normal.
    Pattern Command (One active, one backup)
    Central Consciousness (set of ~5)
    Sub Consciousness (set of ~3)
    Universal Grammar Decoder
    Universal Grammar Synthesizer
    Spatial Awareness Core

    Delta modules have no wings and no horns.
    Wild Prince Appearance Modifier - Developed based on Jacakalope.

    Tao Mein

    Gender: Homme
    Race/Species: Posshallar
    Age: 1
    Alignment: Black and White / Neutral
    Class/Profession: Murder-hobo
    Power Rating: C
    Description: Quite small and scrawny. A pale-skinned, gold-haired humanoid with pointy ears and set of antlers on his head. Teeth are a single ridged piece. Wearing a brass-buttoned red jacket, black leather boots, loose pants with tons of pockets, a white glove on his right hand only, and a pointy steel headdress. He's holding a gun, with more guns and a magic wand on his belt. On his back is a white leather pack stuffed with gear.
    Able to split into scores of tiny silver dragons.
    Personality: Tao is a nervous guy who has no idea what's going on. He would really like things to just stop happening to him for a while. But in his previous life he was a fearless warrior, explorer, and statesman, and occasionally that comes through.
    Dried Meat
    Misc. Coins: mostly silver, a little gold and copper
    Powder Horn
    2x Fine Duelling Pistols
    Many bullets
    Bronze wand with a hand on each end, one clenched in a fist-fear, the other holding its fingers open and apart-sleep.
    2x Healing Potion apples
    The steel cube, if the wards are pressed in the right order, will grow into a steel castle. If they aren't pressed in the right order, the cube explodes.
    A small wheel of cheese, a bottle of wine with a Cyrillic label, a bag of jerky
    A collection of spoons
    A polished rock with a fossilised fish skeleton
    A bone twenty-sided dice that can only roll a 1 or a 20
    An indestructible glass bottle
    Toy car commemorating a certain delta module.
    Robot Plasma rifle
    D20 Ring - Gold with silver leaves and a garnet setting that makes the arm invisible.

    Abilities: Lightning bolts
    "the ability of being able to identify and interpret magical auras! No mystic bauble will go unidentified with this guy around!"
    Backstory: When Amyria was killed, the remaining modules scattered around and outside the city. Over time, they regrew to a critical (and sufficiently specialized) mass. Tao contains about 12% of the original.
    Module Count: 126 As of Prophet
    Module composition:
    • 82+x Alpha
    • 10x Tracer Delta
    • 1x Humanoid Locomotion Core Beta
    • 15x Soother Beta
    • 1x Pattern Command Gamma
    • 5x Central Consciousness Gamma
    • 3x Sub Consciousness Gamma
    • 1x Universal Grammar Decoder Gamma
    • 1x Universal Grammar Synthesizer Gamma
    • 1x Spatial Awareness Core Gamma
    • 1x Wild Prince Appearance Modifier Delta
    • 5x Magical Analyzers Delta
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