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    Renewal Dragon
    Dragon (Water)
    Environment: Any land or underground
    Organization: Solitary or with other Lawful Good dragons (replace 1 dragon in group with a renewal dragon).
    Challenge Rating: Wyrmling 2; very young 3; young 4; juvenile 5; young adult 7; adult 8; mature adult 10; old 12; very old 14; ancient 16; wyrm 18; great wyrm 20
    Treasure: Triple standard
    Alignment: Always Lawful Good
    Advancement: Wyrmling 4 HD; very young 6 HD; young 8 HD; juvenile 10 HD; young adult 12 HD; adult 14 HD; mature adult 16 HD; old 18 HD; very old 20 HD; ancient 22 HD; wyrm 24 HD; great wyrm 26+ HD
    Level Adjustment: Wyrmling +3; very young +3; young +3; juvenile +4; young adult +4, adult +4, mature adult +4.

    Renewal dragons, called White Gold Dragons, the Tears of Bahamut, or Tears of Tamara, are a very rare sport amongst the Lawful Good dragons. Stories of their origin vary. Some tales say that they were first created from Bahamutís blood spilled in a fight with an evil dragon of extreme power, occasionally listed as the deity Garyx, which he imbued with life to help mend the wounds inflicted to the world from their battle. Other stories say that they were a gift from Bahamut to Tamara, or Tamara to Bahamut, given to the other as a peace offering after some minor spat between the draconic deities. Whatever the truth, they now show up as sports and mutants amongst the population of Gold, Silver, and Bronze dragons as well as certain other species of Lawful Good dragons. Roughly 1 in 1000 gold dragons hatch as a renewal dragon instead, and these numbers drop lower amongst other breeds.

    A renewal dragon is a kind, gentle creature and they rarely fight, preferring to avoid combat, either through stealth, their breath weapon or aura, or through the use of simple diplomacy. They have a natural desire to tend to the wounded, using their healing abilities to help even creatures which have threatened them before. They are cognizant of the dangers within, but see if as their duty to help others, even if it means putting themselves at risk. This altruism makes such dragons even rarer, as many find themselves enslaved or slain by evil creatures while still young, and due to their miraculous powers of revival which manifest in their full maturity they are often slain by entities which seek to spread destruction to prevent their rise to full maturity.

    Physically a renewal dragon is reminiscent of a mix of metallic dragons. They have the same head and skull structure as a gold dragon, down to the whiskers, albeit with a silver dragonís wings and body proportions of a bronze dragon. Their scales are a pale gold at birth, almost white, growing deeper and more metallic with age. By wyrm they are almost platinum in color. Renewal dragons are virtual dragons, lacking something of the power of true dragons, and as such are disadvantaged in a fight with most draconic specimens of similar age, though relatively magically powerful compared to their physical prowess. Their aura of fascination, and pacifying breath help them remain free from combat. Of course their most noteworthy powers are those to overcome death. A renewal dragon is constantly healing, and is capable of healing a creature with the merest touch. As they age they can prevent death from any source, can revive the dead with a single breath, and a great wyrm is said to have comparable power over life to that of a true deity; although I do not believe it is truly as great as some say.

    Renewal dragons are amongst the most benevolent of dragon kind and would be hunters should realize that they are not a danger, but a resource to be preserved. Do not harm these magnificent creatures, instead befriend them.

    -Zasper, the Dragon Sage, Liber Draconis vol. XXXVII.

    Spoiler: Virtual Dragon
    A virtual dragon is a dragon which is for all extents and purposes a true dragon except that it gains less hit dice per age category; a mere 2 additional hit dice per age category instead of the normal 3. As such it is not until Great Wyrm that they may all necessarily take Epic feats; otherwise they are considered true dragons for all purposes, although as many grow slower than other true dragons they may advance size category differently when advancing beyond Great Wyrm.

    Age Size Hit Dice Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha BAB/Grp Atk Fort Ref Will Breath Weapon DC Charisma Based Save DC
    Wyrmling T 3d12 (19 hp) 9 10 11 14 17 14 +3/-6 +4 +3 +3 +6 11 13
    Young Adult T 5d12+5 (37 hp) 11 10 13 14 17 14 +5/-3 +7 +5 +4 +7 13 14
    Young S 7d12+7 (52 hp) 13 10 13 16 19 16 +7/+4 +9 +6 +5 +9 14 16
    Juvenile S 9d12+18 (76 hp) 15 10 15 16 19 16 +9/+7 +12 +8 +6 +10 16 17
    Young Adult M 11d12+22 (93 hp) 17 10 15 18 21 18 +11/+14 +14 +9 +7 +11 17 19
    Adult M 13d12+39 (123 hp) 19 10 17 18 21 18 13/17 17 11 8 13 19 21
    Mature Adult L 15d12+45 (142 hp) 21 10 17 20 23 20 15/24 19 12 9 15 20 22
    Old L 17d12+68 (178 hp) 23 10 19 20 23 20 17/27 22 14 10 16 22 23
    Very Old L 19d12+72 (195 hp) 25 10 19 22 25 22 19/30 25 15 11 18 23 25
    Ancient L 21d12+105 (241 hp) 27 10 21 24 27 24 21/34 29 17 12 20 25 27
    Wyrm H 23d12+0 (514 hp) 29 10 21 26 29 26 23/40 30 18 13 22 26 29
    Great Wyrm H 25d12+150 (312 hp) 31 10 23 28 31 28 25/43 33 20 14 24 28 31

    Age Speed Init AC Special Abilities Caster Level SR
    Wyrmling 60-ft, fly 100-ft (average), swim 40-ft +0 14 (+2 size, +2 natural) Immune to Death effects, Fast Healing, Water Breathing - -
    Very Young 60-ft, fly 100-ft (average), swim 40-ft +0 16 (+2 size, +4 natural) Touch of Healing - -
    Young 60-ft, fly 100-ft (average), swim 40-ft +0 17 (+1 size, +6 natural) Close Wounds - -
    Juvenile 60-ft, fly 100-ft (average), swim 40-ft +0 19 (+1 size, +8 natural) Forbid Death, Plant Growth 1st -
    Young Adult 60-ft, fly 150-ft (poor), swim 40-ft +0 20 (+10 natural) DR 5/magic 3rd 15
    Adult 60-ft, fly 150-ft (poor), swim 40-ft +0 22 (+12 natural) Fascinating Aura 5th 17
    Mature Adult 60-ft, fly 150-ft (poor), swim 40-ft +0 23 (-1 size, +14 natural) DR 10/magic 7th 18
    Old 60-ft, fly 150-ft (poor), swim 40-ft +0 25 (-1 size, +16 natural) Breath of Life 9th 20
    Very Old 60-ft, fly 150-ft (poor), swim 40-ft +0 27 (-1 size, +18 natural) DR 15/magic 11th 22
    Ancient 60-ft, fly 150-ft (poor), swim 40-ft +0 29 (-2 size, +20 natural) Aura of Inviolate Life 13th 24
    Wyrm 60-ft, fly 150-ft (poor), swim 40-ft +0 30 (-2 size, +22 natural) DR 20/magic 15th 26
    Great Wyrm 60-ft, fly 150-ft (poor), swim 40-ft +0 32 (-2 size, +24 natural) Miracle of Life 17th 28

    Breath Weapon (Su): A renewal dragon has a single breath weapon a cone or line of pacifying gas. Any creature caught in this effect must make a Will save or be unable to take any hostile or actively combative action (including summoning creatures, casting defensive buff effects, etc) for 1d6 rounds + 1 round per age category of the renewal dragon. This is a mind-affecting effect, and any attack made against an affected creature immediately ends it for that creature.

    Fast Healing (Ex): A renewal dragon is full of life force, healing continuously. A renewal dragon has fast healing of 2 per age category it has obtained (24 at great wyrm).

    Water Breathing (Ex): A renewal dragon may breathe water as easily as air and may use its breath weapon normally while underwater.

    Touch of Healing (Su): A very young or older renewal dragon can heal with a touch. This functions like a paladinís Lay on Hands ability but the dragon may heal 20 hit points per age category with this ability each day, and if they heal 20 hit points in one go the target is also affected as if by Lesser Restoration, 60 hit points increases this to Restoration, and 120 hit points increases this to Greater Restoration.

    Close Wounds (Sp): A young or older renewal dragon can lash out with their recuperative powers, healing a creature. This functions as the Close WoundsSpC spell and can be used 3 times per day. A renewal dragonís Caster Level for this effect is its age category or favored soul caster level whichever is higher.

    Forbid Death (Su): A juvenile or older renewal dragon can forbid death itself through sheer will. 3 times per day, as an immediate action, a renewal dragon can prevent a single attack or effect from killing any creature within 10-ft per age category. This only works on a spell, effect, or attack which would have killed one or more creatures within the range and completely negates all effects and damage of it within the range. For example if a fireball would kill a creature within range it could be used to prevent all damage from the fireball within the area, but any portion of the fireballís area outside the range of this effect would not be prevented. A renewal dragon may, and often must, use this ability after damage has been rolled. If the renewal dragon would be killed by an effect or attack and the dragon has uses of this ability remaining this ability automatically activates even if the renewal dragon is unaware of the effect or attack and without it being required to use an immediate action to activate it.

    Plant Growth (Sp): A juvenile or older renewal dragon can imbue an area with growth. This functions like the spell Plant Growth and can be used 1/day. A renewal dragonís Caster Level for this effect is its age category or favored soul caster level whichever is higher.

    Spellcasting: Once a renewal dragon reaches the juvenile age category they gain the ability to cast spells. They cast spells as a Favored Soul of the listed level but may select spells from the Community, Family, Good, Healing, Law, Protection, and Renewal domains as if they were Cleric spells.

    Fascinating Aura (Su): An adult or older renewal dragon radiates an aura of fascination. Any creature with at least 3 less hit dice than the renewal dragon within 20-ft per age category which can see the dragon must make a Will save (Charisma based DC) or be fascinated for as long as it remains in the aura or until it is directly threatened. A creature with 5 or less hit dice is fascinated for an additional 5d6 minutes after it leaves the aura although the effect is still ended if they are threatened.

    Breath of Life (Su): An old or older renewal dragon gains a second use of its breath weapon. Once per day it may charge its breath with the power of life. Any dead creature within the area which has a mostly intact skeleton or corpse is resurrected as if by the resurrection spell. Unlike resurrection the effect does not regrow missing limbs unless all bones associated with that limb are intact. Undead within the area are destroyed unless they succeed a Will save and then are resurrected as living creatures if their soul is free and willing to return.

    Aura of Inviolate Life (Su): An ancient or older renewal dragon radiates an aura of life. Any other living creature within 10-ft of the renewal dragon per age category it has attained cannot die. If they would die they do not, although sufficient damage will render them unconscious as will having a 0 Constitution. If they leave the renewal dragonís aura for even a moment while in a state which would normally result in death (such as having -10 or less hit points or 0 Constitution) they die instantly; even teleporting with the renewal dragon is enough time out of the aura to cause this effect.

    Miracle of Life (Special): Once per year a great wyrm renewal dragon may cause a miracle of life. This ability can revive all creatures killed in a day, resurrect a creature which has a soul that is unwilling to return, cause a region to become verdant, resurrect a creature which died of old age, or another effect appropriate to an intermediate (13 divine rank) deity with a portfolio of life. Though in many ways closest to a Supernatural ability this ability functions even in anti-magic generated by anything less than a god and abilities which grant a creature the Supernatural abilities of another creature cannot grant them this ability.

    Skills: In addition to the class skills for all dragons a renewal dragon treats Hide, Heal, and Swim as class skills.
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