As the nectar, so the poison
Level: Druid 3, Blighter 3, Cleric 4, Wizard/Sorcerer 4
Conjuration (healing) (evil)
Components: V, S, M
Casting time: 1 minute
Range: touch
Target: one apple core touched
Duration: 1 day/level
Saving Throw: will negates
Spell Resistance: No

This spell was first developed by a Bhuka Druid hailing from a central oasis in the White Sand Dale. Her duty being keeping watch on the oasis and the small, hidden garden it hosted, and helping any traveller coming across, she found herself increasingly at odds with the attitude of the growing number of disrespectful merchant caravans using the oasis as little more than a refreshment spot. After one too many drove of traders leaving all manner of garbage in its wake, she grew furious and decided to defend her oasis with arms, thus attacking the next caravan that would have stopped there. After being electrocuted, slashed and pummeled by the caravan's hired mercenaries, she reconsidered her methods, deciding instead to punish disrespect to her oasis using a pretense of kindness and goodwill to direct disrespectful travellers to an agonizing death by exhaustion, thirst and hunger.

This spell transforms the core of a chewed apple into a delicious and refreshing treat, which hides a core infused with dangerous poison.
Upon casting, the spell transforms the apple core into a tiny fruit or a handful of edible berries of the caster's choosing. The initial effect upon eating the product of this spell is a feeling of sated hunger and refreshment, as the fruit provides sustenance for the entire day and cures whomever eats it of the fatigued condition. An exhausted creature does not benefit from this effect. A creature eating this fruit without being currently fatigued receives, instead, a +2 bonus on checks to resist fatigue, which lasts until the start of the following day.
Any creature eating said fruit must make a Will save upon taking the first bite, success means the creature resists both the initial and the secondary effect of this spell. A single creature may not be affected by more than one fruit's effects during a single day.
The following day the secondary effect of the spell-infused fruit manifests itself in full force. Any creature who, during the previous day, benefited from the initial effect of the fruit is considered fatigued for the whole day, and takes a -2 penalty on saves to resist fatigue, dehydration and environmental effects of extreme heat, cold or altitude. Eating another fruit created by this spell cancels these penalties and restores the +2 bonus to resist fatigue effects, but on the following day any creatures who opts for doing so will be considered instead exhausted, and the penalty to saves will be -4 instead of -2.
A creature may continue eating spell-infused fruits to stave off these negative effects for a number of continuous days equal to his Constitution modifier, up to the point where its body will reject said fruits. For every consecutive day a further -2 penalty is added on top of the former, until the first day in which said creature stops eating the fruits, at that point all penalties manifest full force. Consecutive days of eating these fruits may not worsen the condition past Exhausted.
For example, Amphahar, a Human Fighter with 18 constitution, can eat the spell-infused fruit for 4 consecutive days. At the start of the 5th day, Amphahar will suffer the exhausted condition and a -8 penalty to saves to resist fatigue, dehydration and environmental effects for the whole day.
These effects disappear after one full day of not eating the spell-infused fruit followed by a remove disease spell. Creatures immune to poison or disease are still vulnerable to this spell.

Special: a creature possessing the feat Scavenging Gullet are immune to the harmful secondary effect, but still benefit from the nourishment and save bonus effect.
A creature with the Scent ability can detect a very faint, sickly odour coming from the fruit, and benefit from a +2 bonus on their save against the fruit's effects.
Starving creatures receive a -2 penalty on their save against the fruit's effects.

Material Component: an apple core, which the spell transforms in a juicy fruit, a handful of berries or a variation appropriate to the environment.