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    Default Re: 3.5e Overhaul Objective: Fixing ALL 3.5e's problems (P.E.A.C.H)

    Quote Originally Posted by barna10 View Post
    I have an issue with the Dodge Bonus increase and its justification. The issue I have is this is exactly what Hit Points are, the character's ability to survive better based on experience. It's an abstract way to say he's better at parrying, dodging, etc. What you've done now is created a redundant mechanic that overlaps what hit points are supposed to be.
    To me, HP stand for 3 things:
    - One's ability to physically soak damage.
    - One's ability to turn devastating hits into grazing blows.
    - One's fighting spirit and inner will to persevere and hang on to life.

    If you wish to know what I'm talking about, watch some MMA fights.
    Fighters in the arena take a lot of punishment in the ring.
    Most of it doesn't do much (turning devastating hits into grazing blows).
    Every once in a while they take a hit that makes you go "ooh, that's gotta hurt", but they don't go down (soaking damage).
    Sometimes they go down and recuperate after a few seconds (inner will to persevere and hang on to life).
    And sometimes they just go down (their HP have run out).

    Dodge means better chances at not getting hit in the first place (i.e. making attacks not connect).