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    Paladin Academy: Chapter 2: Part 27

    A small cloud of smoke was floating lazily on the ceiling. The large circular room was illuminated by different glows from various items littered about, such as vials filled with liquid and assorted instruments. The most noticeable was a small disk that almost looked like a sundial. Instead it had differently colored and sized orbs orbiting around the center dial, moving a small distance each second before stopping with an accompanied *click*. About 10 feet away, Viola was slumped over on the table, head resting sideways on her crossed arms, watching this instrument. The empty cup of tea sat next to her, completely forgotten as her look was that of complete boredom. She didn't know what time it was, as all the drapes were drawn over the windows, but she was sure it was approaching dinner time as her stomach started to growl. She slowly turned her head to rest her chin on her arms and looked over at the arm chair that had its back to her for the countless hours, with the blue hood that accompanied it over the top for the equal amount of time.
    "Blue! Come on, I'm bored out of my skull here! Even the hospital room was more entertaining as clouds and birds would float by occasionally. But here, I can't even see anything from the world outside!"
    There was no sound heard from the armchair except for a splash as something was lowered into the cauldron on the other side of it.
    "I know you can hear me, stop ignoring me!"
    There was still no sound to come from the chair. She saw as a robbed hand became visible briefly as it was attempting to pour a precise amount of strangely colored liquid into the cauldron. Irritation had reached a breaking point for Viola and she directed a low frequency blast of sound over at Blue, who nearly dropped the vial and scrambled to grab it in mid air. After successfully catching it, the hood moves and Viola see's the 2 yellow eyes look over at her with slants of mild annoyance emanating from them.
    "So, do I have your attention now?!"
    She felt pleased that he finally paid her some attention after all this time. However, he turned around again and was paying attention to his cauldron again.
    Viola shot straight up out of her chair. After wincing from the pain that shot up briefly, she grabbed hold of her walking stick and hobbled over.
    "Blue! I'm your guest here! And this is not how a sleep over is supposed to go!"

    A loud sigh was heard from the wizards, but he didn't move at all.
    "Unfortunately, a guest you are not but a treasure to be guarded."
    He then reached for a drawer leading to a file cabinet and started rifling through it for more things.
    "And a sleep over is supposed to happen after the sun has decided to do the same."

    Viola hobbled over around the cauldron to stare at wizard angrily. The wizard reluctantly looked up at her with those 2 glowing yellow eyes.
    "Well, the problem with me is that, unlike most treasures, I can show my dislike for being cooped up. I'm not going to tolerate being here and just laying around with nothing to do."

    The wizards stared at her for a moment.
    "I suppose that is a valid argument."
    He grabbed his staff and pointed it towards the back where curtains were drawn leading to a supposed other room. From inside, a small bag emerged and propped itself onto the table Viola had occupied.
    "There. Enjoy."

    Viola looked over at the small bad. It looked smaller than even the smallest purses she had seen. She looks over back at Blue.
    "And what is that supposed to be?"

    "Something that will hopefully occupy the 'treasures' time to allow me to finish this brew."
    Viola glared suspiciously at Blue before hobbling over to the chair she just vacated. She sat down and reached for the bag. She was sure her whole hand could take up the space inside by itself, so what could possibly be in here that she could occupy her time? As she undid the string she looked inside and gasped. Inside was a void of colors with shapes appearing frequently in the back. She looked up at Blue who answered the question she was about to ask.
    "It's a wizard's most common and easy to make appliances. Referred to as a 'Bag of Holding', it does what its name suggests and holds stuff. Just reach in for different objects and entertain yourself with what you could pull out. Imagine it as a box of chocolates that you won't know what you get until you bring it out."

    Viola looked down into the bag.
    "There's nothing dangerous in here, is there."

    "To a wizard, no. To an annoying attention seeking treasure, unsure."

    "Oh, ha ha! Very funny."
    Viola sarcastically responds to his statement of her, but is still pleased that she atleast got her point across. Looking down into the bag again she reached in to grab one of the shapes that appeared in the background. As she pulled her hand out, it was just a dusty old book that contained strange runes she had never seen before. Disappointed, she tossed it aside and began to reach again into the bag.

    10 minutes of this yielded just as many uninteresting items. Scrolls, quills, empty vials, and more books were suddenly added to an increasingly enlarging pile. Viola was beginning to get fed up, her arm in the bag once again as the wizard finally lifted himself out of his chair and was making his way over.
    "You are most kind. I dislike having to spring clean those bags out. It can get quite repetitive."

    Viola froze, staring exasperatedly at the wizard.
    "Are you serious?! You were just having me... empty a bag that you didn't want to have to do yours-"
    Her hand grabbed something metal. Something that had a strange yet familiar shape. She looked down and pulled out of the bag what looked like a one handed paladin sword Blue would make.
    "Why do you have this in here?"

    Blue however froze, staring at the sword.
    "I think... I may have given you the wrong bag to clean. Please give it here."

    Viola was looking at the sword.
    "Why, what's wrong with this..."
    She paused as she examined the area between the hilt and the blade.
    "Blue? Why is there no crystal slot on this sword."

    "It used to belong to a paladin that is now deceased, now please, hand it and the bag over."

    Viola put the sword down before plunging her arm into the bag again, defiant.
    "Nope! This is what you get for ignoring me for hours on end and then having me to do your own cleaning for you."
    She grabbed another metal object that was similar in touch but different in shape. With a little difficulty, she pulled out what appeared to be a shield of the same metal and nature as the sword. It was round and could easy buckle onto someones arm, but could also be grabbed onto and held. She looked up at Blue puzzled.
    "None of the other paladin's I've seen use shields. Why is this here?"

    Blue's yellow eyes disappeared as he blinked.
    "While most paladin's end up with a single sword, there are other types of weapons and equipment that they can develop their style around. This paladin had one such unique style."

    Viola looked at the shield again and saw, in the center of the round shield, the slot where one would put a crystal. She looked up at Blue again.
    "Whose shield did this belong to?"

    "Please, young Viola. You're putting me into an awkward spot."

    "Who was it Blue?"

    The wizard sighed, his eye's disappearing for few moments as he closed them. Finally he sat down on the chair opposite her and looked up at her with saddened eyes.
    "The sword and shield... belonged to a shield fighter paladin, who was known as Silv."
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