Lifebridge: A small device that looks much like an amulet, the Lifebridge is worn about the neck and inscribed with symbols that glow red when the device is half or more full. This device was crafted in ancient times by a cabal of ritualists, and it feeds upon the bodies of the living, hunting down their souls to store within its great cavern. The Lifebridge can hold up to 1000 hit dice of sacrifices and slain creatures, and once per round as a swift action can be directed to create a ritual from the ritualist list upon the bearer, with a hit dice of up to 20. Whenever the Lifebridge falls below half of its total hit dice capacity, it begins to look for ways to replenish its storage. If worn around the neck when performing a sacrifice, there is a 50 percent chance the Lifebridge will ingest the sacrifice at the end of the ritual, adding it to the stored hit dice total. The other resource it has at its disposal is the formation of a blood plague. Whenever it passes into a populated area and is below 500 hit dice stored, all creatures who are not marked as friends by the bearer must save or be infected by a disease called soul rot (soul rot: Contact 20, incubation 1 day, DC 20 save or die). Those who die from this disease have their hit dice added to the pool of the Lifebridge. It also has the power to show direction, distance, and provide basic information about any large population centres (1000 inhabitants or more) within 1 mile per stored hit dice. If in danger of being damaged, the Lifebridge will activate a Bloodwalk or Soul Portal ritual to flee.

Heartcage: A +5 full plate armour of heavy fortification that counts as medium armour made from the ribcages of long ago martyrs who died through use of their abilities, the Heartcage is a bleached white, and allows only those are the purest of intention (must be at least of good alignment) to wear it. All others must succeed at a DC 30 Fortitude save or find all of their hit points drained into the armour. This save repeats every round. The Heartcage stores 2000 hit points that can be used for the creation of rituals from the martyr's list, and the pool regenerates at 10 per day, meaning that if found, it is almost always full. Whenever it passes within 100 feet a creature whose alignment is at least neutral on the good/evil axis, the Heartcage will attempt to heal all ailments of that creature, and is able to create up to three rituals a round. Whenever the wielder attempts to use a beneficial ritual on a creature, the hit dice of the sacrifice counts as 1 higher for each point of difference between the hit dice totals of the target and of the wearer of the Heartcage, if the wearer of the Heartcage has the higher hit dice total. When threatened with destruction, the Heartcage, as an immediate action, will disappear out into the planes, resurfacing some time later in a place where it may be needed.

Lifereaver's Lament: A book detailing the life and history of a ritualist by the name of Gwaredigion Hun, it was penned by that same ritualist after his conversion away from the sacrificing of innocents, his reasons for doing so, and the text is imbued with the faith and power that allowed him that conversion. Upon completion of reading the text, a ritualist or ritual warrior may lose all their levels in ritual-using classes, and instead gain those levels back as martyr levels, or levels in classes that require the ability to sacrifice hit points to create rituals, as per the martyr. The converted may reselect any feats whose requirements are no longer met, but they must take only feats whose requirements they would have met at the level the feats were gained. Once has a choice has been made to convert or not, the tome disappears.