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    Paladin Academy: Chapter 2: Part 28

    Viola stared at Blue for a moment before looking down at the shield.
    "S-Shield Fighter? What does that mean?"

    "It means..."
    Blue paused for a moment before continuing.
    "That he was more proficient using the shield than the sword. Including its use as an offensive tool."

    Viola looked over at the straps on the back, comparing how an arm would be set in.
    "Was he left handed? I mean, this shield is for being attached to someone's left arm, and if he was more proficient with the shield..."

    "An excellent observation, but no. While he was more skilled with the shield, he still used the sword for better reach and swings. The shield was still used as its intended purpose, for protection. It was also designed to be able to protect the person next to him just as much as it would protect himself."

    Viola kept spinning the shield around in her hands. She stopped and stared again at the crystal slot in the middle of the shield. Almost tempted to see what would happen if she put her own crystal in, another thought came to her.
    "Wait, if he had his crystal in the front of the shield... wouldn't it be in danger of getting damaged?"

    Blue shook his head.
    "No. The crystal is made of a very strong kind of magic that no mortal can harm. As far as I know, only the death of the individual attuned to it can result in its destruction."

    Viola put a finger and felt the inside of the slot. She didn't quite understand why she was so curious about the issue. Was it the hours of boredom that made this one discovery much more exciting than it would be? Or was it because this was Kurama's previous partners weapons?
    "So... What kind of power did Silv have? With his crystal?"

    The yellow eyes from under the hood of Blue disappeared and he bent his head in what looked like sadness and guilt.
    "I'm sorry, but that is not my place to say. It will be up to him."

    Viola blinked in confusion
    Right at that time the door to the outside opened.

    Walking inside with a cheerful spring in his step was Kurama.
    "Hey Viola! Nil gave me permission to bring meals up to you. I mean, Blue can always just teleport it up here, but this way I can come visit-"
    Kurama stopped dead. He was staring at the shield that Viola was holding in her hand. He then spoke in a dead whisper.
    "Where did you get that?..."
    He then spotted Blue who was still bent over in shame.
    Kurama threw the food aside, which seemed to catch itself in mid air and right itself onto a nearby table. He then stormed over taking the shield out of Viola's hand and charging up to him.
    "How... How could you?! I never wanted to be remembered of this! You know this!"

    Viola stared back speechless. She had never seen Kurama so angry before. She looked over at Blue who did not move at all, but he spoke in a slow, apologetic voice.
    "A mistake I had made while trying to attend to duties. Guarding one who wished not to be proved harder than expected. She made this discovery on her own, and by a promise made earlier, I could not decline her questions."

    Kurama stood there shaking and bringing up a hand to his face in anger. It was then that Viola saw that tears had begun to form in his eyes.
    "Can't... Can't he just rest in peace? After all he'd done, I thought he had deserved that!"

    Blue finally opened his eyes and looked up Kurama.
    "While it is not my place to tell you what you should do, I feel obliged to tell you that you do him no favor by trying to forget him."
    Blue twirled his staff around in his hand.
    I have lost friends and family to. And while each one was hard to bear, I remember them everyday. It is so their memory is preserved so long that I may live that their existence is justified in this harsh, yet beautiful world."
    Blue then looked over at Viola, who squirmed a bit under his gaze.
    "And you owe it to you current partner to know of one's place she now sits."

    Kurama removed his hand and glared at Blue for a moment before looking over at Viola. After saying nothing for a few moments, he lowered his head.
    "Al...Alright. I suppose she does deserve that atleast."
    He slowly sat down into a chair between her and Blue and put the shield down on the table. He took a long steadying breath, which shuddered from a suppressed sob before beginning to speak.
    "As Blue probably told you, Silv was accustomed to the shield more than his sword, even though he used them together."
    Viola nodded the smallest nod she could make.
    "This shield... what he had done was save the life of me and many others countless times. He always extended himself further than most paladin's would and would confront any evil no matter how powerful or numerous they were."

    Blue twirled his staff and an instrument that looked like a hookah flew threw the air and landed in the middle of the table.
    "Speak your thoughts into this Kurama, and let them be seen."

    As Kurama continued to speak, smoke would come out the end of it and for a cloud that display an image in the middle.
    "Like I said, he was fearless and brave, always standing up to people no matter how strong they were."
    Viola watched as a middle teen male appeared in the cloud. He had short blondish brown hair, a pleasant looking face, and was a lot taller than most people his age. Viola watched as he was in his paladin armor with shield in his left hand and sword in his right. Shadow figures in the shapes of other humans were advancing from different angles, wielding and brandishing similar dark outlines of different weapons, from knives to clubs, to swords. She watched as he ducked under one, slashing at him with his sword, before blocking another with his shield, and sweeping that one's legs. He then spun around bashed another with the flat of his shield before blocking another sword with his sword. He then brought up the side of his shield against this shadow figure, and appeared to slash it across the neck with the side edge of his shield. He then knelt down suddenly and pushed into yet another charging shadow figure. Using the shield as leverage, he hoisted the man up over his head to tumble on the other side of him, before continuing with fight other shadow figures in the image.
    "And no matter how hard any bandit or raiders tried, they would never be able to best him. It took a freak form of nature to bring him down."
    Kurama hung his head as the image continued its fight of the shadow figures for a moment more, before it changed to a dark rainy cliff side and the person disappearing under an avalanche of mud then fell off the side.

    Viola stared at the image, feeling incredible sorrow for Kurama. She wondered how things would have turned out if he hadn't died. Who Viola would have been paired with and how the whole situation would have been.
    She cleared her throat. She suddenly found it difficult to speak.
    "What was his crystal's power?"

    Kurama looked down at the shield's crystal slot.
    "The crystal allowed him to never tire from any of the day's events. He could continue to train long into the day, even if Rabbit was his instructor. Every fight we got into, he would always take the front lines, and no matter what, the enemy could never win by attrition. He would be able to hold them off all day until they were all down or too tired to go on."

    An image formed into the smoke above the hookah again. What looked like a mini noble castle had its gates opened and Kurama and Silv were standing with their back to them. There were people running towards the gate, men, women, and children. The group were screaming in fright as men in dark and torn cloaks chased them on horseback. The lead horseman was about to cut down a couple before he was suddenly hit by the shield of Silv as he had launched himself into the pursuer and knocked him into the ground. The horse ran off as the other horsemen turned their attention to Silv, as Kurama came up behind him. For the next several minutes, both Silv and Kurama fought the men as the last of the fleeing citizens make their way into the mini castle behind them. Kurama had been wounded and was breathing heavily, while Silv looked as if he hadn't done any physical activity at all. There were 8 men left and they were approaching cautiously. Silv looked over his back at Kurama.
    "Kurama, get inside and protect the people inside. I'll handle these guys!"

    Kurama looked at him, with a blood dripping down his face.
    "No! I'm staying here with you! I can still fight!"

    "Not as well as you were able to. You're tired and wounded. Here!"
    Silv threw the blue vial that Viola recognized as the stamina/healing potion that Blue would make.
    "Get inside, use that on yourself, and see to any of the wounded. These guys won't be able to touch me and my crystal makes the energy part of that potion useless for me."'

    Kurama looked at the vial before looking back up at Silv.
    "A...Are you sure?"

    Silv yelled back at him. Before shifting to a softer expression and a smile.
    "I promise. I'll see you in a bit."

    Kurama looked at him for a moment before nodding.
    "Just remember, you promised!"
    He then turned and started running towards the castle as the scene dissipated. Kurama spoke from the right of Viola.
    "I never did get to see what happened after I left. All I know that a few minutes later he came back in cheerful as ever, checking to see if everyone was alright."

    Blue looked at Kurama.
    "I may be able to help with that. This shield, it contains memories of its own. I could show the fight based on what this shield went through.

    Kurama looked at Blue for a moment before nodding.
    "I would like that. Thank you."

    Blue took the shield and held his hand over it. A bluish aura arose and drifted to the hookah. The smoke formed a scene again, right where it left off. Kurama just disappeared into the castle and Silv took a stance against the attackers. The charged at him and Viola watched incredibly as Silv's attack style was fluid, yet seemed like an immovable object. After cutting down 3 of the attackers, he sheathed his sword and grabbed a spear from one of the fallen men, took a step forward, shield in front with the spear sticking out in front, challenging the other 5 attackers. The first one approached and he ran the spear through the man's chest. Another approached from the other side but he managed to pull the spear out and bring it up in time for this man to run into it. Silv then kicked this man off the spear and then heaved it, throwing it into the chest of another attacker. He then redrew his sword and instead charged to last 2 attackers who had faltered at their colleagues demise. Fighting both at once, there was just a blur as he swung his shield and sword around together before stopping as both men fell to the ground. He surveyed the scene for a moment before re-sheathing the sword and turning towards the castle. Suddenly a gagging noise was heard and he turned around. One of the attackers was still alive, but quite obviously dying he was reaching for a waterskin that lay just out of his reach, trying to drink it. Silv approached the man with a soften expression.
    "You need a drink of water, don't you."
    The man just nodded as Silv picked up the waterskin. He then uncorked it and made to drop the water into the man's mouth. The water then spilled out onto the ground next to the man's mouth, moistening the ground with a small puddle of water before the water disappeared from sight. Silv then threw the empty waterskin aside, his face no longer soft but a merciless, disgusted face.
    "Oh sorry. My eye coordination must be off after your attempts to throw lethal blows at me and my partner."
    The man gasped, making a noise that almost sounded like "Why?"
    "Because, I'm just showing the same mercy you showed the people of this village here. Most seem content to letting hell punish you all for eternity, but that is not fair enough in my opinion."
    Silv stood up. The man grabbed his ankle, almost pleading with him.
    "When one commits a crime, they should suffer for it immediately. Even while still alive in this world, you should start living in the hell you deserve. No one has the right to play with other's lives and expect to get away with it. No one."
    Silv then kicked the man's hand off his leg and left leaving him to die. The expression he wore was that of smug satisfaction listening to the man's dying gasps. He then approached the castle gate and looked up. He then breathed in deeply through his nose and exhaled just as deep. When he was done, the same pleasant expression he showed Kurama a moment ago was back on his face and he entered into the castle.

    Viola sat there in shock. She looked around to see Blue's eyes were large yellow ovals of surprise as well. But Kurama's mouth was wide open as he stared at the smoke in disbelief.
    "I-No! That.... That can't be Silv. He... He would never do that... would he?..."
    Viola looked back at the scene before it dispersed with the smoke.
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