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    Welcome to my not-so-long signature!

    15370262 328. This is here for a reason.

    Spoiler: Quotes!
    Quote Originally Posted by Razanir View Post
    "I am a human sixtyfourthling! Fear my minimal halfling ancestry!"
    Quote Originally Posted by Zweisteine View Post
    A halfling must be a half-ling human... So the real question is, what is a Ling?
    Halflings are merfolk!

    Free flight for all levels!

    Spoiler: Pictures!
    It really sucks that so many Photobucket links are breaking.
    There used to be a few more at gorbashkazdar dot com/sosbanner/, but that website has died.

    Useful links

    How to play a monster.

    Amuse me

    An Allegory, now with tiers!

    My work

    I created (but never finished) Giantitp's first 5e fighter fix!

    Here I made bunch of quick homebrew for 5e, mostly regarding Eberron.

    My project to update Eberron for 5e. Canceled for the foreseeable future, because I'm not good at turning ideas (even complete ones) into formatted stuff to put on the internet. However, you may be interested in Unearthed Arcana: Eberron (direct link to pdf), which is an official draft of some Eberron material for 5e.


    D&D is an allegory for Star Trek!
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    How to play a monster.

    I am currently Very Busy, and having limited D&D activity, so I am currently inactive.
    I got a long signature!
    DFTBA! Smilies!