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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground LIX

    Quote Originally Posted by Macabaret View Post
    I was going to make a mostly Scout build with dips into Ranger (wildshape varient for the fast movement) and Druid (1st level divine casting, avenger varient to add fast movement). The idea was to use the feats Roofwalker and Roof-jumper (from...Cityscape?) and drop down from the treetops to attack and add damage to each hit from the pounce based on distance dropped. (Above and beyond the skirmish damage, that is.) The problem I had was the silly Knowledge:religion requirement. (Why don't Druids get K:R as a class skill??) It wasn't until after the deadline that I found Ardent, which gives K:R as a class skill and has a mantle (Elements: Air) that reduces your damage from a fall by 20'! Would have been perfect! (Make an easy jump check, drop 50' for a charge attack, add +4d6 damage to each attack (plus skirmish), and end up taking just 1d6 non-lethal from the fall.) Add in movement afterward (Travel devotion, perhaps?) and jump right back up into the trees after the attack.
    I really, really, really tried to find a way to add in anthropomorphic-bear or something, too, with craft: alchemy and a brew potion feat. I wanted to be able to make Gummi-beary juice and bounce through the forests laying waste to those who would displease Ehlonna.

    Anyway....the distance fallen is based on your jump check which is maxed by your speed. If you can move 9000' in a round, you can drop the same distance with a jump check (presuming, of course that you have 9000' beneath you.) Roof-jumper would add 899d6 to each attack at the end of the fall, and you'd take 19d6 damage + 1d6 non-lethal. (Which seems a bit gouda-ish, really, but....)
    I like this. I did consider using Fleet of Foot/Psionic Charge to fly straight up and then fly straight down on a charge, but I've already tried that for a few Battle Jump builds, such as Thumpback. But 4500' seemed like overkill for falling object damage, and there are some severe rules issues with falling object damage... such as a Ref save DC 15 ruining the whole thing, and discrepancies between the max falling object damage in the SRD and the Rules Compendium.

    But Roof-Jumper gives me what I was looking for: Xd6 damage based on the distance moved, and 449d6 averages out to 1571 damage, which is pretty impressive for a killshot. There are some issues with conflating flying straight down with the terms "leap down" and "drop", but Roof-Jumper never explicitly requires a Jump check, nor does it define "drop" as being the same as falling. Can I use Roof-Jumper to fly 4500' straight down, stopping in the square directly above my opponent, without ever falling? If so, then there's no need to calculate or worry about falling damage, and the inadequacies of the aerial movement rules work in your favor here. Despite moving at Mach 1.48, undergoing a 180-degree turn with enough Gs that would probably rip molecules apart, and coming to an abrupt stop only 5' away from becoming a roadpizza, you can fly happily away the next round without worrying about your momentum or speed from the last round.

    This might look something like:

    1. Druid 1. Feat: Sacred Vow.
    2. Fighter 1. Bonus: Dodge.
    3. Fighter 2. Feat: Vow of Purity. Bonus: Mobility.
    4. PsyWar 1. Bonus: Speed of Thought.
    5. PsyWar 2. Bonus: Psionic Charge.
    6. Swanmay 1. Feat: Run.
    7. Fleet Runner 1.
    8. Fleet Runner 2.
    9. Fleet Runner 3. Feat: Fleet of Foot.
    10. Fleet Runner 4.
    11. Fleet Runner 5.
    12. Fleet Runner 6. Feat: Cheetah's Speed.
    13. Fleet Runner 7.
    14. Fleet Runner 8.
    15. Fleet Runner 9. Feat: Roofwalker.
    16. Fleet Runner 10.
    17. Swanmay 2.
    18. Swanmay 3. Feat: Roof-Jumper.
    19. Swanmay 4.
    20. Swanmay 5.