Edge of Time
Classes: Sorcerer/Wizard 2, Alchemist 2, Witch 2
Components: M, S, V
Casting time: Standard action
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 round/level
Spell Resistance: No Saving Throw:Will negates (harmless)

By focusing on the sharp edge of the razorblade, your target can divide time into the smallest segments. Swift and move actions can be readied by using their corresponding action, allowing the target to react to new circumstances more readily. Even the free action touch attack from casting a touch range spell or a single attack during a full-attack action can be readied.

This ability cannot usually be used to evade an attack. When you use this ability with a move action, other creatures have enough time to change their aim or targets of their attacks, abilities, and spells.

Material Component: A straight razor

Special: A character with the Luck domain can choose to have this spell permanently replace their 2nd level Luck Domain spell if they wish. This choice must be made when the character gains the Luck Domain, and cannot be changed short of a Limited Wish, Psychic Reformation, Wish, or Miracle.

Organ Grinder
Evocation [Force]
Classes: Sorcerer/Wizard 5, Anti-paladin 3, Witch 6
Components: M, S, V
Casting time: Standard action
Range: Close (25' + 5'/2 levels)
Duration: 1 minute/level
Spell Resistance: Yes Saving Throw:Fortitude negates

You send out an extremely tiny razor blade of force that tries to enter a creature in any way that it can. If the creature is both holding it's breath and has more than 1/2 it's health, it gains a +4 bonus on the saving throw against this spell. Creatures that are exceptionally formless or amorphous (like oozes and Air Elementals) can not gain this bonus.

If a creature succeeds on a saving throw against this spell, the spell fades. Otherwise, every round, the blade cuts through the creature's internals, doing force damage equal to your caster level. If the creature is not immune to bleeding damage, they are sickened and subject to 1 ability score bleed determined randomly by rolling a 1d6 and referring to the table below. Bleed to the same ability score from this ability does stack.

Roll (1d6) Ability Score
1 Strength
2 Dexterity
3 Constitution
4 Intelligence
5 Wisdom
6 Charisma

A creature may attempt another Fortitude save (without the bonus listed above) by taking a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity, receiving a successful Heal check (DC 15+Caster level, max 35), or being affected by a spell that heals them. All of these ways stop the bleed effect, although if the creature fails the saving throw, the spell can apply new bleed effects.

Material Component: A straight razor