Devil of a Good Shave
Classes: Assassin 3, Cleric 4, Bard 4, Wizard/Sorceror 5
Conjuration (Summoning) (Evil)
Components: V, S, M
Casting time: 10 minutes
Range: Touch
Target: A flat, hard, unbroken surface at least 5' in diameter.
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

A demon barber? You must be joking! Who ever heard of a demon with a beard? - Rilk'vis'tech, Barbazu.

This spell summons a single Bearded Devil into a prepared space (creating the summoning circle is part of the casting time). The Devil will then attempt to bargain with the summoner. They will grant one, and only one, of the following services:

* The Bearded Devil will offer to 'shave' any one person you name. You provide the person's name, and any other information you want to give it, and the devil will attempt to slay the person so named using its full range of abilities. Any help you wish to provide it (such as buff spells, additional information, equipment beyond its normal, etc.) is accepted. The Bearded Devil will then spend the next 24 hours attempting to hunt the named target. It is considered to have an active 'Locate Creature' spell for the named individual for this period, even if the caster is not familiar with the target beyond its name, though the name must be correct and not an alias and the normal means of fooling the Locate Creature spell still apply. The summoner may choose to either give the Bearded Devil a message to deliver when it finds the target (up to 25 words long, as a sending spell) or else to report back if it succeeds in its mission - but the Devil will only do one of those. Well gaurded individuals usually cannot be killed in this manner, as Bearded devils are not well known for their subtlety.

* The Bearded Devil can cut off a single chin-tentacle, and give it to the caster. This tentacle will remain dormant until used. The chin-tentacle's effects are listed below.

* The Bearded Devil might be willing to provide one of the five secrets to perfect grooming (it knows them, even if it doesn't use them itself), if you will do it a service in turn. It will name a mortal who the summoner must kill within the next month (such individual may not be 'shaved' using this spell as noted above). The closer the caster is to lawful evil the tougher the target will be to kill - for example, a chaotic good caster will be asked to kill a peasant child, while a lawful evil character would be tasked with slaying the high priest of an appropriate god. If, at the end of that month the summoner has managed to kill the target, they gain a permanent +1 inherent bonus to their Charisma attribute. This bonus is cumultaive with other castings of this spell, up to +5. Killing the target is always an evil act, and will result in the caster's alignment permanently shifting one step towards Lawful Evil.

In trade, they will either take the caster's beard (using the straight razor provided to them) - which must consist of at least a month's natural growth on a person capable of growing a beard (elves, non-dwarven women, and most non-humanoids are incapable of growing beards), or else they will accept the razor itself if, in the past month, it was used to cut a man's throat while that man was being given a shave.

Material Component: a piece of chalk used to draw a summoning circle and a straight razor which is placed in that circle

Special: A cleric with the Pact domain may choose this spell in place of Divination for their 4th level domain spell.

Bearded Devil Chin-Tentacle:
This vile looking thing appears to be a shriveled, black piece of rubbery meat. It stinks, is somewhat oily to the touch, and if eaten (if anyone were so foolish) would immediately give someone Devil Chills. It may be used in one of two ways.
An alchemist skilled in making poisons can use it as the main ingredient in a poison which does 1d6 strength damage immediately, and an additional 1d6 strength damage after 2 rounds, Fort Save DC 17 to negate.
Alternately, when placed in contact with a person's chin, it will transform into a perfectly groomed but slightly oily goatee, which will last for exactly one day. For that period of time, the user is immune to disease, including magical diseases with a save DC of 17 or less, and the user may use the beard as a weapon. The beard counts as a 1-handed magic, silver and evil weapon which does 1d3 damage with 20x4 critical multiplier, and the user is considered to be proficient (it does not need to be held, of course). It may also be used to make an unarmed touch attack as a standard action, or deliver a touch spell while dealing its normal damage. Anyone damaged by this beard is afflicted by the Devil Chills disease as stated in the Bearded Devil monster entry. The attack and damage bonus for the beard is calculated based on the highest bonus of the user's strength, dexterity or casting attribute modifier. At the end of 24 hours, the chin-tentacle will dry up and fall off, dealing 1 point of strength damage and infecting the user with Devil Chills. While wearing a chin-tentacle, the user's alignment detects as evil in addition to their normal alignment.