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    Exceptional Mythos

    Adamant Impetus Whirlwind
    Prerequisite: -

    The Askopar moves, and the wind follows. With each step, her prints upon the earth become deeper, and the gusts grow stronger, enforcing the perfection of the Anthol's movements upon all things she passes.

    When you move out of a threatened square, you may force a creature that makes an attack of opportunity against you to move with you until the end of your turn. It follows up to the square directly behind you (determining what is "behind" based on the direction you were moving in) upon your arrival at your destination, provoking attacks of opportunity for its movement. You can pick up multiple creatures in this way, forcing them all to move with you, each 5 feet behind the previous.

    Creatures dragged underground (with, for example, a burrow speed) leave a tunnel behind them allowing escape within 1 hour. After this time, the tunnel collapses.

    Indiscriminate Gale: As long as you move through a threatened square, you can move those threatening you, regardless of whether they make an attack of opportunity against you.

    Outrun the Blade: You gain Dodge and Mobility as bonus feats.

    Hazard-Analysis-Neutralization Sweep
    Prerequisite: -

    Dangerous traps and similar devices are commonplace in many locales of the world. A dead-to-traps Askopar cannot discover what is beyond said traps, and so, many have adapted to bypass such hazards.

    You gain Disable Device and Search as Askopar class skills.

    In addition, you gain trapfinding. You can use the Search skill to locate traps when the task has a Difficulty class higher than 20, and can use the Disable Device skill to disarm magical traps. If you beat a trap's DC by 10 or more with a Disable Device check, you can study a trap, figure out how it works, and bypass it (with your party) without disarming it.

    Finally, you gain trap sense, and Dungeoneer's Intuition (City of Splendors: Waterdeep) as a bonus feat, effectively using your Wisdom modifier (minimum +1) as your trap sense bonus.

    Prepare for the Worst: You gain Combat Tinkering (Dungeonscape) and Dive for Cover (Complete Adventurer) as bonus feats.

    Special Device-Disarming Expertise: You gain Tactile Trapsmith (Complete Adventurer) and Trapmaster (Lost Empires of Faerūn) as bonus feats.

    Inexorable Path-Making Stride
    Prerequisite: -

    By simply willing it, the Askopar can forge her own path, one unstoppable step at a time. As a master of motion, she goes where she pleases. The path isn't a literal object in the strictest sense--rather, it is simply a projection of the Askopar's will which allows her to move in ways previously impossible.

    You can create a path as part of any movement allowing you to walk along it in any direction in three dimensions. Other creatures cannot move on this path, though this does not restrict movement through squares the path intersects. At the end of your turn, the path no longer exists. If you are in the air at this time, you fall. Since making a path takes no action and can be made as part of any movement, you are able to fall any distance without taking falling damage, using your momentum and knowledge of motion to slow your descent and land without injury, as long as you are conscious, even if it's not your turn. You cannot pass through solid objects with this path.

    Instinctual Roamer Orientation
    Prerequisite: -

    Not all who wander are lost. The Askopar welcomes unfamiliarity, embraces it with her entire being. With each new step into the unknown, she breathes fresh air anew and feels more alive.

    You automatically succeed on Survival checks to avoid getting lost and you gain a +4 bonus to Intelligence checks made to escape a maze spell. You wander, but never in circles, for this would not lead you to discoveries undiscovered.

    With a successful DC 15 Knowledge (geography) check, you can determine the distance between you and the nearest significant landmark you have seen, with the accuracy of your claim always being within 1 mile. For every 5 by which you beat the DC of the Knowledge (geography) check, you halve the margin of error.

    Finally, you always know which direction you are facing. If you are on a plane with no cardinal directions, you can adapt quickly. Over the course of an hour, as long as you don't stay still for more than a minute at a time, you gradually learn how to find your way on the plane just as you would on any plane with ordinary directions. This allows you to label cardinal directions despite their nonexistence on the plane.

    A Wide Road Best Shared: You may never get lost, but you can't say the same for others. Fortunately, guidance isn't such a hard thing to provide for you, at least in the form of good directions. Once per round as a free action, you may grant a number of creatures up to half your class level (minimum 1) all of the benefits of this Mythos, including the 'Follow the Beaten Path' Basic manifestation if you have it, until the beginning of your next turn.

    Follow the Beaten Path: You gain Track as a bonus feat and you may track creatures across any plane, regardless of the plane's substance make-up. Usually, the DC of featureless and groundless planes will be somewhere around 25 or 30, but the DM ultimately decides.

    Natural Form-Transcendance Prana
    Prerequisite: -

    The Askopar wanders everywhere, visiting cultures and sampling beliefs that would boggle the mind of the common folk.

    Whenever you spend at least 8 hours actively interacting with two or more members of a specific race with no level adjustment, whether working at their side or just swapping stories, you may choose to carry their Essence. As long as you are carrying the Essence of a race, you are considered to be the better of that race or your own race for the purposes of effects; a dwarf Askopar who has taken on the Essence of a group of halflings would not take extra damage from a dwarvenbane weapon, and would be able to enter a door enchanted to only allow halflings to pass.

    The Essence of a particular race only lasts for a month before dissipating; you may only carry a number of Essences at one time equal to your Wisdom modifier.

    Breaking Bread Together: You may forgo the eight hours of interaction required by this Mythos if the group in question offers you a meal and you eat your entire portion.

    Gifts Fondly Remembered: Any given Essence that you carry does not dissipate as long as you keep a non-magical keepsake given to you freely by that group; if you lose that keepsake, or it is destroyed, that Essence immediately dissipates. You may abandon such keepsakes as if they were worth 500gp for the purpose of gaining Mythos Points.

    Sleeping Hand in Hand: You may forgo the eight hours of interaction required by this Mythos if you sleep for 8 hours in physical contact with a living (or animate, if of a non-living race) member of the group in question.

    If you possess the 'Drifting in Perpetuity Shintai' Mythos, you cannot take this Basic manifestation. If you already possess this manifestation upon gaining the 'Drifting in Perpetuity Shintai' Mythos, you may immediately choose a different Basic manifestation with which to replace it.

    No Longer So Defined: Upon gaining this Manifestation, you are no longer considered a member of your own race for the purposes of effects; however, you immediately gain the Essence of your race. If you have the Gifts Fondly Remembered Manifestation, you may designate one of your mundane possessions as a keepsake connected to your race's Essence.

    Spoiler: Credit Where It's Due
    While I crafted the original version of this Mythos, Amechra made a much better version, shown above.

    Physical-Ignorance Momentum
    Prerequisite: -

    "An object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an external force," said a poor fool who'd never seen the Askopar. Once he's gotten started, the Longstrider's Anthol cannot be stopped, even by her own will.

    You gain Improved Bull Rush and Improved Overrun as bonus feats.

    You are able to bull rush or overrun any creature, regardless of its size category. When you bull rush a target, you can push it 5 feet for every 2 points by which your check result is greater than the defender's check result, rather than for every 5. In addition, if you fail to beat the target's Strength check result, you can move up to your speed as an immediate action. When you overrun a creature, you don't provoke an attack of opportunity and you decide whether it avoids you or blocks you.

    Body of External Force: You gain Cometary Collision (Player's Handbook II) as a bonus feat. However, you don't need to ready an action to intercept a charging opponent; instead, you charge as an immediate action. You may attempt to bull rush or overrun as part of this charge in lieu of making an attack.

    Face-Stomping Hoof Submergence: You gain Trample as a bonus feat. If you succeed in your overrun attempt, your mount deals double damage with its hoof attack.

    Unbridled Motion: You gain a +4 bonus on opposed checks to bull rush or overrun an opponent.

    Skin to Living Callus
    Prerequisite: -

    Travel, even on a beaten path, is rough. After uncountable steps on a path of the Askopar's own making, her skin has become as the land--hard, unforgiving, but alive, much like the Longstrider beneath the Askopar's feet.

    You gain Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat.

    In addition, you gain a natural armor bonus to AC equal to half your Constitution modifier (minimum +1).

    The Best Defense: You gain Toughness and Improved Toughness (Complete Warrior) as bonus feats.

    The Best Offense: You gain Superior Unarmed Strike (Tome of Battle) and Versatile Unarmed Strike (Player's Handbook II) as bonus feats. You are considered 3rd level for the purposes of Superior Unarmed Strike if you are below 3rd level upon receiving this manifestation.

    Bones of the Mountain: You gain Stone Power (Tome of Battle) as a bonus feat.

    Flow of the Breeze: You gain Snap Kick (Tome of Battle) as a bonus feat.

    Unshakable Trail Companionship
    Prerequisite: Handle Animal 4 ranks

    Sometimes, a lone wanderer isn't so alone. Somewhere along the road, the Askopar became best friends with an animal, whether she rescued a puppy from a burning chapel full of hungry undead, was protected from bandits by an eagle pecking and clawing eyes out, or simply locked eyes with a wandering steed and became drawn to it, and vice-versa. Regardless of the circumstances of their meeting, the animal and Anthol have become inseparable. No matter where the Askopar is, her companion is always a single step away.

    You gain Wild Cohort as a bonus feat. As a full-round action, you can call your animal cohort to you, and no matter the distance separating it from you, it always shows up in mere seconds, ready to back you up in an adjacent square (or in the closest open square available if all adjacent squares are taken up). The animal cohort may immediately act upon being called with a full complement of actions. In addition, at any time, you may dismiss your animal cohort as a free action. It immediately leaves you and goes about its normal activities. You may do this even if it is under the effects of a mind-affecting spell or effect, as the bond between you and your companion is unable to be manipulated for long.

    In combat, your animal cohort attacks in tandem with you, granting both of you the benefits of flanking an opponent as long as you are both adjacent to the same target. If you are actually flanking with your companion, the +2 bonus on attack rolls increases to +4 and your animal cohort deals an additional 1d6 damage per three class levels (minimum +1d6).

    Finally, your animal cohort can help you get around the world when everything else would fail you. Maybe your horse helps you leap across a wide chasm neither of you could cross alone, but your kin spirits allow you to overcome the physical limitations of mortal bodies, or your camel keeps you alive with its stored water in a deadly hot desert. Once per day, your animal cohort allows you to roll three times on any ability or skill check and take the best result.

    If you possess the 'Inexorable Path-Making Stride' Mythos, your animal cohort is considered part of you for the purposes of moving along the path on its turn. In essence, it can take the same path you moved on even if your turn has already ended.

    Animal Size-Ignorance Motion Revelation: Regardless of your animal cohort's size, it can take you along for a ride. For up to a number of minutes per hour equal to your class level, you can move with your animal cohort as if you were riding it, even if you wouldn't normally be able to ride it. For example, your owl cohort might pick you up by your hands with its talons and fly with you for a while, or your badger friend might beckon you to grab its tail before it begins furiously burrowing, thus essentially allowing you to move underwater, by flight, or underground with your animal cohort even if you don't have the ability to do so normally. This even grants you the ability to breathe underwater or underground if swimming or burrowing for the duration of the ride. If you are still moving with your animal cohort when it can no longer keep going with you, you are dropped gently onto the ground or quickly burrowed out of the ground or brought to the surface of the water with no negative consequences if this can be done in a single round. After this time, you fall, begin to suffocate, or begin to drown and must deal with such consequences as normal, though your animal cohort will try to aid you as much as possible.

    Twin-Soul Mettle: While you are conscious, your animal cohort becomes immune to death effects and cannot be reduced to -10 hit points. It also gains Toughness and Improved Toughness (Complete Warrior) as bonus feats.

    Without a Saddle: You gain Saddleback (Player's Guide to Faerūn) as a bonus feat and you do not take a penalty on Ride checks when riding your animal cohort bareback.
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