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    Thank you very much for having accepted me! Can I grab purple as a speech colour while I'm here, and reposting my character sheet?

    Name: Erich Schneider
    Nature: Caregiver
    Demeanour: Loner
    Clan: Tzimisce
    Sect: Camarilla (Independent)
    Generation: 11
    Sire: Luther Karlheinz
    Haven: Royal London Hospital basement, here.
    Concept: Genuinely nice guy.

    Spoiler: Background

    Erich Schneider was born under the name of Erich Bauer, in Freiberg, Saxony, Germany, on September 21st, twenty nine years before the chronicle begins. He's the third of four children, two older than him (Florian, 31, and Theodor, 32), and one younger (Anna, who's seventeen right now). His parents own and operate a small Apotheken, and all their children have been encouraged to pursue high education.

    Erich has wanted to be a doctor for as long as he can remember, but it was only when he started university that he decided that what he really wanted to become was a plastic surgeon. He had to endure the scorn of most of his classmates who accused him of being interested in it just for the money. He wasn't: he just wanted to help people. That's why after his degree (achieved brilliantly with top marks), he refused many job offers in private clinics to go to work in Berlin's Charité hospital, mostly dealing with reconstructive surgeries and accidents victims. He rented a small apartment in a quiet zone in Berlin and gladly started working twelve hour shifts, night shifts in A&E and weekends, as is an almost universal experience with all young doctors starting their practice. He didn't regret for an instant the fact that he could be in some posh private structure, working normal shifts, dealing with liposuctions and thousand-euros boob jobs.

    He had always excelled in academics, but it became clear soon enough that he was really good at his job. Scarily good, in fact. That started to attract all sort of attention from all sort of different venues... and of course, as it was bound to, also attracted the wrong kind of attention. That is how, one late night shift, Erich met Luther Karlheinz, who introduced himself as a surgeon and hospital patron, and proceeded with a great speech talking of enormous potential and the love of science and patronage and what honour it would be to be accepted as a member of the Tzimisce. What Erich thought he meant, at the time, was an offer of a research cheque, and he figured the Tzimisce to be another honour society like the Deutsche Ehrenverbindung. He found out what he really was talking about when it was too late to escape...and soon after that, he found out what the Tzimisce mean when they talk about research. Two years later, he still has nightmares about that night, sometimes.

    He ran away as soon as he was able to and as far as he could make it, eventually ending up in London, which is big and cosmopolitan enough to provide a good way to disappear, as countless people have discovered before him. That took some doing, as it isn't particularly easy to change identity and fly hundreds of kilometres away, but he was smart enough to go looking and finding the right people to get him what he needed. Passport, driving licence, everything up to and including a medical licence. Erich paid an outrageous amount of money, took everything and disappeared... and what if that meant coming to the country without a penny to his name? It's not like he needed to buy food to survive.

    He laid low for a while, doing odd jobs and keeping moving from one place to the other, but he was born to be a doctor, and he could as well kill himself rather than stop trying to be one. He didn't have the necessary references on his curriculum, of course - but in times of budget cuts the hospital director was more than happy to hire a guy that wanted to work the night shifts for half the money the other doctors pretended. After a trial period, when it became clear that he was competent enough not to kill anybody through negligence he was hired.

    He has kept to this routine, trying to avoid as much as possible contact with the other vampires and to just keep doing his job. A part of him is aware that this situation isn't likely to last, but he is making the most of it while he can.

    Spoiler: Concept
    • He is a genuine, no hidden intent, what you see is what you get nice guy. He is compassionate and empathic - everything you could ask of a doctor. This, in the dark setting of the World of darkness, makes him an extremely rare specimen. Due to this, and also to his clan, everybody tends to assume that he has an hidden agenda.
    • He is convinced that his sire and his clan are still out for his blood, as a disappointment and a mongrel. This may or may not be true (it's equally possible that he has just been forgotten as a misbegotten experiment), but a bit of paranoia never hurt anybody.
    • He is a loner not by choice but by necessity, as associating with mortals is complicated, and most kindred tend to look at him strangely when he mentions the clan he belongs to.
    • He is smart, no two ways around it. He has probably one of the most brilliant medical minds of his generation. Who knows what he could have achieved if not for the things that go bump in the night.

    Spoiler: Mentor
    Gregory (Greg) Laurent

    Greg is a Nosferatu, and a decently old one at that, having been embraced sometimes in the early twenties of the last century. The circumstances in which him and Erich met weren't the most favourable, as the hospital Erich found employment with was in the Nosferatu, and particularly Greg's, hunting ground.

    He kept Erich under strict surveillance from the first evening, fully prepared to either kill him personally or taking him to the Prince for interrogation, should he prove to be a vanguard for a Sabbat attack, until he realised that, surprisingly enough, Erich didn't seem to be there for the easy hunting ground or even to collect information in a Camarilla city. Really, all he seemed to be doing was being a doctor.

    He was intrigued enough to approach him openly, and after a couple of conversations he offered to act as a warrantor of his good intentions with the Canarilla. Erich can't say if Greg helped him just because he was amused or out of genuine kindness, but he seems a decent enough person that he doesn't mind associating with him.

    Spoiler: The story
    "And what exactly are you doing?" The voice is thick but not unpleasant, has a slight accent that Erich can't place but he knows isn't local, and comes from the opposite corner of the hospital room. The corner that he is sure had been very empty up until this very moment.

    He startles, but not badly enough to mess up what he is doing - you don't become a surgeon by letting distractions influence your ability to perform your job - and he turns around. What he was doing was running his fingers on the surgical wounds of a patient he had just finished operating on - a middle aged man that had been brought to the A&E with metal scraps in the whole right side of his face due to a work accident - and using his powers to mould the flesh and reduce the scarring. Strangely enough, the voice had seemed more amused than shocked at the sight.

    The reason why becomes evident as soon as Erich turns around. The being in the corner is certainly not human anymore. Tall and lanky, he has no hair, is dressed in blue jeans and a biker's jacket, and every visible inch of his skin is covered in sores and blisters. The Nosferatu - because he can be nothing but - looks at him expectantly "Well?" he asks.

    Instinctively, he steps in front of the hospital bed, effectively putting himself between the patient and the vampire. "I am doing my job." he replies, his German accent thicker than usual, as always when he is tense. "I am a doctor, I work here."

    The Nosferatu doesn't seem impressed. He raises one side of his brow (the actual eyebrow is missing) and crosses his arms. "Sure you do. Nice setup you have thought of, haven't you, Tzimisce? All comfy and snug like a bug in a rug, look at you. The hospital's perfect, isn't it, all those nice little bags of blood on two legs moving around. Oh, and raw materials, let's not forget it. That's what you sickos do, isn't it, you experiment." The creature advances menacingly towards him. He has very sharp fangs, Erich notices dimly, and his hands are clawed. "This is a Camarilla city, doc Mengele, you don't mess around in a Camarilla city. "

    Erich knows he should probably be afraid, but he is not. He is just furious. It's the nickname that does it, in the end, mocking both his German origin and his profession's most sacred purpose. "Do NOT call me that. Do not DARE." he spits back. "I am a doctor. I don't give a toss about the Camarilla, the Sabbat, any of it. I'm sick of you damned people trying to mess with my life." He is almost shouting, by the end "Leave me the hell ALONE and let me do my goddamned JOB!"

    It takes several seconds for Erich to realise that the Nosferatu hasn't torn his throat out. Another one to realise that he is actually trying very hard not to laugh. "Well, come on, then, count Chocula" He says with a grin, and he claps him on the shoulder, urging him towards the door. "It's your lucky night, you get to keep all your limbs to yourself, for now. Name's Greg. Come with me and I'll introduce you to the Prince."

    Spoiler: Character Sheet

    Spoiler: Attributes
    Strength: ●
    Dexterity: ●●●
    Stamina: ●●

    Charisma: ●●●
    Manipulation: ●●●
    Appearance: ●●

    Perception: ●●●
    Intelligence: ●●●● [analytical]
    Wits: ●●●

    Spoiler: Abilities
    Alertness: ●●
    Awareness: ●●
    Empathy: ●●●
    Expression: ●
    Streetwise: ●

    Animal Ken:
    Crafts ():
    Drive: ●●
    Etiquette: ●
    Stealth: ●
    Survival: ●

    Academics: ●●●
    Investigation: ●
    Medicine: ●●●●● [Emergency care, body craft]
    Science:●●●● [biology]

    Spoiler: Advantages
    Generation: ●●
    Mentor: ●●
    Alternate identity: ●

    Vicissitude: ●●
    Auspex: ●

    Conscience: ●●●●
    Self-Control: ●●●●
    Courage: ●●●

    Spoiler: Merits & Flaws
    Concentration (1pt)
    Language: English (in addition to German) (1pt)

    Bad eyesight (1pt)
    Sire resentement (1pt)
    Soft hearted (2pt)

    Spoiler: Stats
    Humanity: ●●●●● ●●●●
    Willpower: ●●●●●● ●●
    Willpower Points: 8/8
    Blood Pool: 6/12

    EDIT: Also, to keep everything in one place

    Spoiler: Inventory

    -Smartphone. Nothing too fancy, a very cheap model of smartphone, in fact, with a pay-as-you-go simcard that gives him access to the Internet.
    -Wallet. A cheap plastic bi-fold wallet containing a (German) driving licence under the name Erich Schneider, medical licence, NHS card, debit card, 50 pounds and some spare change. EDIT:And an Oyster Card! I knew I was forgetting something!
    -Keys. He doesn't have a car or a house to lock, but he bought a robust padlock for the place where he sleeps (which is a room in a disused part of the basement of the Royal Hospital old building), and he has that key plus his locker key for the surgeons' changing room. The keyring is one of those replicas of the Big Ben they sell in souvenir shops.
    - (In his doctor's bag, as it would probably be too big too keep it on his person): Little bag containing some dirt from the Berlin Charitè hospital, which is the place that wast most important for him when he was alive. He has another box full of it where he sleeps. I shouldn't forgot the Tzimisce weakness so easily after all, and it makes sense that Erich would be ready to run at a moment notice - he had to do it in the past after all.
    -Doctor's bag: It's a modern design, black leather doctor's bag with a handle and a strap, and it looks like it could have been expensive when it was purchased (it was his graduation present). Now it's scratched and scruffy, with several deep gashes and stains. It looks like it has seen a lot. It contains:
    Spoiler: Doctor's bag content
    -Basic first aid equipment (Bandages, scissors and plasters, distilled water for cleaning wounds, alcohol, antiseptic cream, eye wash and eye bath)
    -Stethoscope and pocket diagnostic set.
    -Notebook and writing equipment
    -Sphygmomanometer and infrared thermometer
    -Alcohol wipes, gloves, lubricating jelly.
    -Tongue depressors
    -Small torch.
    -Specimen bottles and swabs.
    -Syringes, needles and a sharp box
    -Sodium chloride infusion with a giving set and intravenous cannula (this facilitates fluid volume replacement in patients with severe bleeding - hey, in a vampire setting, that's a must have. )
    -Benzylpenicillin for injection and amoxicillin, tablets (both antimicrobial, for infections)
    -Paracetamol (tablets), Ibuprofen (tablets), Codeine (syrup), Morphine (for injections). All analgesics of different strenght.
    -Intravenous (IV) glucose (for diabetic hypoglicemia).
    -Aspirin, tablets and thrombolytics (for myocardial infraction and angina)
    -Adrenaline (epinephrine) for intramuscular (IM) use.
    -Hydrocortisone (Anaphylaxis, also useful for asthma, adrenal crises)
    -Metoclopramide (nausea and vomiting)
    -Haloperidol, Lorazepam (Psychiatric emergencies - the first is for treatment of schizophrenia, acute psychosis and severe anxiety, the second for the short-term treatment of anxiety, seizures and sedation of aggressive patients)
    -A scalpel and a scalpel holder (which are not exactly standard issue, but Erich'll have them regardlessly, just in case he needs to perform an emergency procedure.
    EDIT: Adding:
    -Laryngoscope and endotracheal tube
    -Propofol, injectable (Anaesthetic)
    -Promethazine (sedative and antihistamine)
    -Atropine (antispasmodic)
    -Naloxone (opioid antagonist, such as in treatment of morphine and heroin overdose)
    -Medical tape


    Spoiler: Information for whoever wants to snoop on Erich
    Spoiler: Basic casual snooping
    Everything looks like it checks. Erich Schneider, national insurance number is in order, medical licence is in order, the guy emigrated from Germany a year ago. Strange, for a doctor, he has done some pretty humble jobs before starting at the Royal hospital: he's got seven months of waiting to tables, cleaning offices late at night, even call centre operator. Huh.

    Spoiler: Intermediate snooping
    There's no Erich Schneider. Whoever the guy is, he's got a false identity. The documents don't hold up at a more in-depth scrutiny.

    Spoiler: Advanced snooping (advanced enough to fool off Tzimisce not too hell-bent into finding him)
    Tracking back and cross referencing, Erich Shneider appeared a year and a half ago....just as somebody named Erich Bauer disappeared from Berlin. Bauer was a intern for Berlin Charité hospital, specialising in plastic surgery and trauma victims, and he was very good. Brilliant, in fact: there are several pubblications on scientific journals that have him as co-author.
    Makes sense that the Tzimisce chose him, and that he changed identity when he legged it.

    Spoiler: Pretty advanced snooping
    Erich Bauer still has got family in Germany, parents and three siblings, all three of which have pursued higher education (see character sheet for names and details). His second sibling may be involved in something dodgy, but the records are a bit hazy on the point. ((Especially because I haven't come up with it yet, but I'm definitely going to make something up if it's necessary in game))

    So, who wants to know/have heard of Erich? In my mind, he's only recently got to London, so he won't have very clear who's who and what's what.

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    Hey, I know someone important!

    Uhm, also, out of curiosity, what clan is the prince? And where's Elysium?
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