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Thread: Italian fan translation thread

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    Default Re: L'Ordine dello Stecchino - Italian fan translation thread

    The FAQs read:
    Q: I speak a language other than English. Can I translate the Order of the Stick for my game site?

    A: At this time, the translation program is on indefinite hold. Some of the existing translations apparently suffered from accuracy issues, and all suffered from a lack of support from the translator, most of whom faded away after translating only a fraction of the strip's run. Also, there was no promotion or advertisement by the translators in their native language, resulting in a great deal of work for very, very few hits. Please do not contact me regarding translating OOTS into your native language until such time as I decide whether to continue the translation program.

    Then there's this post from the Giant:

    Per riassumere, non vuole traduzioni ufficiali in linguaggi che non parla, non potendone verificare la qualitą.
    Ma possiamo comunque mettere trascrizioni tradotte, basta non toccare i fumetti.

    Un dialetto settentrionale qualsiasi andrebbe bene. Sapresti far parlare Durkon con uno di essi?

    Gią, tradurre i giochi di parole di Elan sarą un lavoraccio, ma a chi non piacciono le sfide?

    To resume, he doesn't want official translations because he can't verify quality of languages that he doesn't speak.
    But we can still write translated transcription, just don't touch the comics.

    Any northern dialect would work well. Can you make Durkon speak in one of them?

    Yeah, translating Elan's puns will be very hard, but who doesn't like challenges?
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