A'ight, sorry if I broke any rules. The only excuse I have is that I wasn't aware of them in the first place, although I know ignorance of a rule does not give me a right to break it. I hope my infraction will be tolerated, but I'm ready to face any consequence if it's not. I am, after all, Lawful Good in real life :)

As for the project: I think that it's possible. Hard, but possible. What my post meant is that I'd be willing to help, but only if I'm given the project lead and the last word on every issue. I am, after all, a professional translator. I am not unreasonable, and I recognize a good idea when I see one. My only problem is with incompetence and inaccuracy. I demand no less than absolute perfection from every work which carries my name.

Moving on to actual issues:

- I think Durkon might be translated with a German accent. After all, who're the beer drinkers? I've lived in Germany myself for several years, so I can attest personally to their Lawfulness. It won't be the prettiest thing, but it could work.

- "Porto Falesia"? Where does THAT come from? I don't think it would be an accurate translation, but I'm curious how that idea came to mind.

- Erring on the side of caution, I would try to be as conservative as we can with the names. Translating "Serini Toormuck" or "Blackwing" into Italian could work against us, especially since we don't know the whole master plan behind the story, yet, since it's not been finished.

- Elan's Dashing Swordsman would be pretty easy. Anyone here remembers Monkey Island, and especially how the game was rendered into our language? I already translated a lot of strips in my mind, and as a matter of fact I use OOTS as an exercise in my chosen career path. I never had a problem with Elan.

- Lastly, a project of this magnitude should be VERY WELL organized. We need a Lead Translator (which I believe should be me), guidelines (which we could agree on) and a Mailing List. Going into this blindly will spell failure. We'd get our arses kicked harder than Durokan's.

By the way, yes, I might be confused. It might have been 2001 when I saw the Italian version of the OOTS book. Bear with me, it's been a long time.