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- Erring on the side of caution, I would try to be as conservative as we can with the names. Translating "Serini Toormuck" or "Blackwing" into Italian could work against us, especially since we don't know the whole master plan behind the story, yet, since it's not been finished.
I personally don't like translated names, but if I would translate names, "Blackwing" would be one of the easier choices to translate. If you translate "Greenhilt", "Redcloak" or "Draketooth" it makes no sense to me, not to translate "Blackwing". All of these are just the simple concatenation of English words. (On other names which have no English meaning, like Toormuck, I think it is better not to translate them.)

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By the way, yes, I might be confused. It might have been 2001 when I saw the Italian version of the OOTS book. Bear with me, it's been a long time.
Seeing an Italian OootS in 2001 would be really amazing:
  • To my knowledge, there is no Italian version of any OotS book. At least I haven't ever heard of non-English version, and even the Wikipedia article (both English and Italian) doesn't list one. (Though I don't speak Italian, so maybe it is somewhere. But the "Raccolte"-section only list the English books.)
  • More importantly: finding any OotS publication in 2001 would be an astonishing find: The first strip went online 2003 and the first book was published in 2005