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    Candy Witch

    Modified Class: Witch.

    “Dear, you’d better not take sweets from strangers”.

    If you listen to tales, witches and children have always shared a strange but strong connection. According to those stories, witches constantly seek out new children to kidnap, kill or curse, using them as special ingredients for their foul potions.
    Not that far from truth, this tale describes the habits of a particular type of witch, the Candy Witch. Bound to their cauldron and to their ability to brew magical sweets, this witches often use their power to lure their prey into their houses.
    Patient and sly, a Candy Witch uses her ability to give life to her hand-made gingemen to raise a small army of spies and guardians that help her in her missions.

    What tales don’t say is that not all Candy Witch are evil: they all share an inclination for kidnapping but not all of the do it on evil purposes.
    Truly, there exists horrifying Candy Witches who abduct children to sell them to devil or to use them for their own purposes, but there are also good Candy Witches that use their powers to save kids in need (a situation of familiar abuse, for example) and find them a better place.

    A Candy Witch has the following class features:

    Magic cauldron (Su): A Candy Witch begins play owning a magic cauldron, a pot made of bronze, brass or iron that stores her power. The cauldron is often a gift given by the witch’s mentor when she “graduates” and attain her first level in this class, but can also be gained in any other way (even buying it in a shop).

    This ability works like “Cauldron” hex, with the following addittions.
    Like a normal witch need her familiar to prepare her spells a Candy witch need her Cauldron: when preparing her spells from the day, the Candy witch must pour some water in the pot and mingle it.
    Looking at the stream of water that this movement generates, the witch falls in an hypnothic state that allows her to commune with the greater power that fuels her and so prepare her spells.

    Should ever a Candy Witch lose her magic cauldron (or should it be destroyed) she can create another one by acquiring a pot and performing a one-hour ritual and consuming 50gp of herbs and hallucinogens. This ritual attunes the witch to the new cauldron restoring the ability to prepare spells and to use the Cauldron hex.
    A Candy Witch without her Magic Cauldron cannot prepare spells neither use the Cauldron Hex.

    A Magic Cauldron is a magical object (faint divination and transmutation aura), with hardness 7 (regardless of the material it is made of) and has 10 + Candy Witch’s levels HPs.
    Magic Cauldron can be used as a prerequirite for those hexes that need “Cauldron” hex as a prerequisite.

    This ability replaces “Witch’s Familiar” ability.

    Create Water: a Candy Witch adds Create Water to the list of her known cantrips, and can prepare it without needing her Magic Cauldron.

    This ability modifies the “Cantrips” ability.

    Gingerbread servant: At 1st level a Candy Witch learns the recipe to cook and animate a Gingerbread servant.
    This little creature, made of bread and spices and shaped in a roughly recognizable humanoid shape, is a Tiny animated object that exists only to serve the Candy Witch. It uses the statistics of a 1 HD Tiny animated object but has 0 hardness (due to the material it is made of) and because of this gains 1 bonus Construction Point. Construction points can be spent in any way the Candy Witch wishes but not on the special abilities that relies on the contruction material (i.e. “stone” or “metal”).

    A Gingerbread servant is mindless and take no actions on its own initiative, but it has a telepathic connection with its creator that allows it to be controlled like a puppet.
    The connection works until both the Gingerbread Servant and the witch are on the same plane and and can be used by the witch (swift action) to direct the servant. The order must be simple (advance of x ft and come back, attack, come here) and can be made iterative, which means that the Gingerbread servant will continue doing the same action until stopped or destoyed.
    A Gingerbread Servant that has not received orders falls motionless, resembling all in all a little gingerbread cookie. Anyone that tries to guess if a motionless Gingerbread Servant is a living creature or not must make Sense Motive check (DC 10 + 1/2 the witch's level + the witch's Intelligence modifier). A succesfull check means that it managed to understand that the Gingerbread Servant is somehow living. Children take a -4 circumstance penalty to this check.
    The connection also grants to the witch another benefit. By concentrating as a standard action she can see and listen through his Gingerbread Servant like if using both effects of Clairaudience/clairvoyance. If she concentrate for a fullround action she can even speak through the Gingerbread Servant. While using this last option the witch is considered helpless.

    Creating a standard Gingerbread Servant requires 1 hours of work, a DC 12 Craft (Bakery) Check and using 75 gp of materials devided between alchemic flour, profane water, exotic eggs (like cockatrice eggs), precious oil and rare species.

    At 3rd level a Candy Witch can create a 2 HDs Small Gingerbread Servant (using the Small animated object stats) by spending 150 gp of materials a DC 15 Craft (Bakery) check and 4 hours of work.

    At 6rd level a Candy Witch can create a 3 HDs Medium Gingerbread Servant (using the Medium animated object stats) by spending 300 gp of materials a DC 17 Craft (Bakery) check and 12 hours of work.

    At 9rd level a Candy Witch can create a 5 HDs Large Gingerbread Servant (using the Large animated object stats) by spending 600 gp of materials a DC 20 Craft (Bakery) check and 1 days of work.

    At 12rd level a Candy Witch can create a 7 HDs Huge Gingerbread Servant (using the Huge animated object stats) by spending 1250 gp of materials a DC 23 Craft (Bakery) check and 2 days of work.

    At 15rd level a Candy Witch can create a 10 HDs Gargantuan Gingerbread Servant (using the Gargantuan animated object stats) by spending 2500 gp of materials a DC 25 Craft (Bakery) check and 3 days of work.

    At 18rd level a Candy Witch can create a 13 HDs Colossal Gingerbread Servant (using the Colossal animated object stats) by spending 5000 gp of materials a DC 27 Craft (Bakery) check and 5 days of work.

    A Candy Witch can create and control more than one Gingerbread Servant at a time, but can’t control more HD than her class level. This means that, for example, a 13th level Candy Witch can create and control 13 HD of Gingerbread Servants, up to Huge size. She could have 13 Tiny Gingerbread Servants, one Huge, one Large and a Small Servants or any othe combination.
    If she creates Gingerbread Servants exciding her limit those she already controls crumbles and are destroyed, starting by those with fewer HDs.
    A Candy Witch can give orders to all her Servants using the same swift action as long as she wants to give to all of them the same order. If she wishes to give different orders to multiple Gingerbread Servants she must spend a move action.

    The HDs of construct created in any way other than using “Gingerbread Servant” ability are not counted against the number of HDs a Candy Witch can control.

    This ability replaces “Patron’s spells” ability.

    Poisoned Caramel (Sp): at 4th level, a Candy Witch learns how to create a poisonous but really sweet mixture. This ability works like “Poison Steep” hex, with the following addittion.
    A Candy Witch can bath one of his Gingerbread Servants in the Caramel brewed with this ability, making it poisonous.
    Any creature that hits the Servant with a bite attack or that swallows him (like with the “swallow whole” ability) must make a Fortitude save or suffer the effect of a poison spell.
    A single brew of Poisoned Caramel is enough to envenom a single Gingerbread Servant, regardless of its size.
    The DC to resist this ability is calculated following the normal rules for witch's hexes.

    This ability replaces the Hex gained at 4th level.

    Alluring Candy (Sp): at 8th level, a Candy Witch learns how to prepare a colored and tasty candy that modifies the attitude of those who eat it.
    Any humanoid or monstrous humanoid that eats the candy must make a Will save (children have a -4 circumstance penalty to this roll) or have its attitude toward the witch immediately switched to “helpful” for 10 minutes. This ability is often used by the witch to persuade children to follow her in her hut.
    Cooking an Alluring Candy require 1 hour.
    A Candy Witch can also choose to attach the Alluring Candy to one of his Gingerbread Servants. If she does this, the Servant gains a 20 ft. alluring aura: those who are caught in the aura must make a Will save (children have a -4 circumstance penalty to this roll) or become hypnotized by it and willing to follow it anywhere.

    In both cases, an explicit danger grants the affected creature a new Will save with a +4 bonus. Once a creature passes its Will save it becomes immune to the “Alluring Candy” ability of that witch for 24 hours.
    The DC to resist this ability is calculated following the normal rules for witch's hexes.

    This ability replaces the Hex gained at 8th level.

    Intelligent Gingerman (Su): at 12th level, a Witch learns how to put a sparkle of intelligence in one of his Gingerbread Servants. She selects one of her Servants: after a 1 hour ritual it gains an Intelligence score of 2 and has is Charisma raised to 7. The Gingerbread Servant, now an intelligent being , gains feats and skill points as appropriate to its HDs (feats and skills are chosen by the witch during the ritual).
    The Intelligent Gingerman can now act on its own initiative but it’s still loyal to the Candy Witch: his attitude toward her is “helpful” and cannot be changed. It will also continue to follow the witch’s orders when given but it will comprehend more difficult commands and will use a little tactic when required by the situation: an Intelligent Gingerman that is required to fetch an item will be able to choose a better path if the main one shows some perils.
    A Candy Witch cannot have more than one Intelligent Gingerman at a time: however, she can choose to move the spark of intelligence from a Gingerbread Servant to another doing a 1 hour ritual that requires both the Intelligent Gingerman and the Servant that will receive the intelligence to be present.

    This ability replaces the Hex gained at 12th level.

    Fattening Syrup (Sp): the Witch learns how to use her cauldron to brew a really sweet syrup that gives to those who eat it an unbelievable amount of calories and that forces their bodies to convert them instantly into fat.

    A Witch can steep any kind of fruit or other delicious edibles or one of her Gingerbread Servants into the syrup: those who eat this transformed food or creature must make a Fortitude save or become immediately obese, gaining the staggered and fatigued condition for 12 hours. If the affected creature fails its Fort. save it must also make a Will save or become addicted to the fattening syrup: it will do anything to eat another candy dipped in it. The addiction fades after 12 hours.
    This effect is applied also if a creature succesfully uses a bite attack or “swallow whole” ability against a Gingerbread servant dipped into the syrup. Being addicted in this case means that the affected creature will try to bite or eat every other Gingerbread Servant that it will see in the next 12 hours.

    If a creature still affected by Fattening Syrup eats a second edible steeped in it before its effects elapse, it must make a second Fort save (with a -2 penalty) or extend the duration of the first effect by another 12 hours and worsen the fatigued condition to exhausted.
    If a creature still affected by Fattening Syrup eats a third edible steeped in it before its effects elapse, it must make a third Fort save (with a -4 penalty) or have the conditions become permanent.
    A single edible or Gingerbread Servant cannot affect twice the same creature.

    If the Witch has “Cook People” Hex and uses it to cook a creature made obese by this effect she creates two meals instead of one (but they must give both the same benefit) or two small Homunculi.

    Children take a -4 circumstance penalty to their saving throws made against this ability.
    The DC to resist this ability is calculated following the normal rules for witch's hexes.

    This ability replaces the Hex gained at 16th level.

    Gingerbread house (Su): At 20th level a Candy Witch learns how to convert a small hut or house into a Gingerbread house. This ability works like “Witch’s hut” Hex, with the following addition.
    This ability strongly modifies the look of the house: walls becomes made of gingerbread, the door a chocolate table, candy canes surround the windows made of fine caramel. This transformation doesn’t change the HPs and hardness of the structure.

    An house animated by this effect can receive an additional order: hunt.
    When given this order, as long as the house doesn’t move it’s surrounded by a 60ft alluring aura: every creature that enters it must make a Will save or be compelled to enter the house. A creature that makes its save is immune to the aura of that house for 24 hours. Though, a creature that made its saves but eats a piece of the house must make another save taking a -2 penalty (repeat the save every time a new piece is eaten).

    Once a lured creature enters the house, the Gingerbread house is sealed shut by magic, making all doors and windows disappear, trapping the prey. The sealed house then animates and starts running on candy-cane-like legs to bring its “prey” to the witch that the house can locate thanks to a permanent effect similar to Find the path spell. Only the Candy Witch that created a Gingerbread house knows the command word to open it after an hunt.

    Children take a -4 circumstance penalty to their saving throws made against this ability.

    This ability replaces the Hex gained at 20th level.

    Hexes: The following hexes complement the Candy Witch archetype: Child Scent, Cook People, Hidden Home, Witch’s Brew.