Minor Conjuration is a class feature in the PHB, available to Conjurer Wizards (wizards who choose the "School of Conjuration" tradition) at 2nd level. The power is quite open-ended, and if I remember anything from my 3.X days, it's that open-ended powers can be quite powerful and fun.

Since I'm too scared to post an exact copy-paste of the ability, I'll list some relevant highlights:
  • Conjures one object.
  • The object must take the form of a non-magical item which the wizard has seen before.
  • The object is "visibly magical".
  • The object radiates dim light to 5ft.
  • The object's weight cannot exceed 10 pounds.
  • The object's dimensions must not exceed 3 feet on a side.
  • The object must be inanimate.
  • Takes one action to use.
  • Must be summoned into the wizard's hand, or onto the ground in a visible unoccupied space up to 10ft away.
  • Disappears after 1 hour.
  • Disappears if it takes damage, or if the wizard uses this ability again.
  • At-will, no usage limitation or resource expenditure.

What can we do with this? Broken or benign, utilitarian or useless, amusing or amazing: Anything you can think of. I have some ideas of my own, and I may post them later, but for now I want to see what you folks come up with.