What do we think about creating a weapon? It would be magical ("the object is visibly magical"). Would you agree that those two qualities (being a weapon, and being magical) make it a magical weapon?

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As a DM, I'd say, to conjure anything complex like an entire map or letter or the grooves of a key that can actually be useful, I'd say they would had to have been previously memorized by the caster, and that'd be at least a DC 10-15 (maybe even more depending on complexity and importance of item) intellect check to memorize them in the first place, when they had the real thing in hand.
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The best thing I've seen so far is the key. The DM might rule that each key is different in such detailed ways that this wouldn't work for a specific key, though I don't know if anything like that is mentioned in RAW. Realism wise it doesn't make sense that you would be able to exactly replicate a specific key unless you had some kind of special knowledge or experience related to key making.
So what would you say about Graustein's suggestion, that the Keen Mind feat could allow a wizard to, by RAI, accurately replicate keys and maps?