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What do we think about creating a weapon? It would be magical ("the object is visibly magical"). Would you agree that those two qualities (being a weapon, and being magical) make it a magical weapon?
I'd say sure, but not one that has a +1 bonus and certainly not a very good one, it being under 10 pounds or under. But okay, conjure a dagger or quarterstaff that you can use against a monster that has nonmagical resistance or immunity.

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So what would you say about Graustein's suggestion, that the Keen Mind feat could allow a wizard to, by RAI, accurately replicate keys and maps?
Can't exactly remember Keen Mind, don't have PHB in front of me, but sure, maybe, if they wanna blow a feat on Keen Mind. Feats are precious in 5e, why not let players take advantage of it.

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Gamist perspective: The more important an item is, the higher the DC should be. It's really helpful.

Simulationist perspective: The more important the item is (when it's seen), the lower the DC should be. The Wizard was really paying attention.