I honestly can't think of anything which might be abusive.

The fact it glows... means you can't make anything of value and scam someone. Maybe a glowing dagger and pretend it is magical... but IMO, anyone able to purchase magical weapons would know that trick.

Making mundane items is... mundane. A rope, sack, saddle, clothing, etc. is pretty tame and temporary. Even making material components is pretty limited as it only lasts an hour or as soon as you use it again. Material components (even if you don't have an arcane focus) are pretty much free, so cost savings and weight aren't critical. As best, maybe it works if you are thrown in a cell or something. It can't be used as armor and likely weapons (destroyed upon taking damage).

About the only likely use is as free temporary equipment without having to carry it, smuggling something into places, etc. However, presumably a large pack or mule can typically carry all the equipment you could dream of.