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Thread: Minor Conjuration: Use and Abuse.

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    cool Re: Minor Conjuration: Use and Abuse.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eslin View Post
    Conjure ten pounds of the sun. The wizard has definitely seen the sun before, now you have 4.5 pounds of super dense hydrogen at 15 million degrees, which would be about 27 cubic centimetres.
    Super dense whaty-what? Everyone knows the Sun is a divine magical flaming chariot that flies across the sky, from one edge of the world to the other, then returns to the heavenly stable at night.

    Sheesh. Next you'll be claiming that the world is a sphere, or some other such nonsense.

    But if you're going to inject RW simulationism into the game, do it scientifically. That wizard has never seen the core of the sun, only the surface (photosphere), which is about 6000K and much less dense than air. A 3 foot cube of photosphere would give you about 200g (0.4 lbs) of hydrogen, which would immediately ignite, possibly doing a few points of fire damage to things in adjacent squares.

    Much better off conjuring 10 pounds (1.6 gallons) of flammable oil (or explosives, if the wizard has seen & understood such alchemy)
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