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    Lieutenant Cielle of Teppelin
    I'll show you just how tough a butterfly really is!

    Alias: Cielle (her preferred one)
    Species: Spiral Power-infused Painted Butterfly Beastman
    Gender: Female
    age: unknown
    Alignment: Questionable Neutral (she's struggling to figure it out)
    Power Level: C, but if she ever gets in a mech it's a B. A Spiral Powered mech? A. possibly even S under the right circumstances. Spiral Energy is tricky.

    Clad in a bright, vivid purple cropped jacket, its collar a brilliant canary yellow, with a neon orange cropped tank top worn underneath, Cielle is hard to miss. Her blue pants rival the clear sky in shade, with umbral combat boots rivalling coal. Upon her neck adorns a lime scarf. Due to the design, the scarf is tied to leave little tailing downwards and a semicircle-shaped red eye lies on either side of the knot, creating a butterfly wing-like appearance.
    Cielle herself is a pale, frail-looking ndividual. Her left eye is kaleidoscopic in color, and her hair (shown here on the right side character) is ebony black. Her right eye is covered by the white bandages that encircle her head diagonally over it.

    Personality: Cielle is a ruthless combatant with little mercy, but she has a fragment of belief in honorable fighting. She will do anything to win when fighting, but she refuses to ambush an enemy in a sneak attack before the battle or fight an enemy not prepared themselves.
    Cielle is a bit shy and antisocial, and may to some give an impression of bored discontent out of combat. She is not aloof, however, with a keen ear and eye. Cielle has trust issues as well, which doesn't help her antisocial issue.


    Just a combat knife and 9mm pistol, currently.


    Spiral Power
    Due to genetical shenanigans, Cielle possesses the ability to absorb Spiral Energy and use it for herself.

    Cielle excels at piloting vehicles, especially mechs. She also is a good mechanic.

    In combat, Cielle is quite good at using a knife, and has considerable skill with a pistol

    Beastman Physiology
    Cielle only consumes nectar and other sources of food butterflies drink. She also has a fragile body in comparison to other beings.
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