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    I actually have a good reason for the double post for once. My post is too long to put into just one post.

    So now for my next entry in a fan favorite series.

    Spoiler: The Journeys of Cronc: Cyrodiil

    The Journeys of Cronc

    A Walk through Cyrodiil

    Part 1

    In the many journeys of Cronc, he finds himself in strange places. When he gets in the mood to travel he will just walk anywhere, and will occasionally find himself in front of portals to other planes. Having no fear, he just jumps head long into them. Whatever he finds on the other side, he is ready for the adventure, but if all they have is some good food and drink, he will be satisfied with that, too.


    The Argonian woman is running as fast as her clawed feet can make her. Her scaly tail swinging back and forth with each giant stride. She was just supposed to run down to the well at the edge of town and get some water to do some laundry. But when she returned, she found her home town overrun with horrific creatures and a giant swirling red portal set in the center of it all.

    In a panic she ran away, but she can hear something following her. She's too frightened to look back. If she looks back they might catch her. Her breathing gets more and more labored with each passing moment, and her legs are getting heavier. She no longer recognizes the terrain around her. She hasn't been this far away from home before.

    Soon she comes to a dead end, a giant slab of rock that marks the base of a mountain. She might have seen it coming if not for the trees. In hindsight, she should have known the mountains are here, but when she saw those creatures, she just turned around and ran, not thinking of where she was going.

    She turns around, takes a deep breath, and bares her claws. She sees a giant creature made of stone and wrapped in lightning push its' way through the forest. Seeing the thing stand before her made her lose what little confidence she had to fight. For a moment she felt like balling up and accepting fate, but then she heard a guttural roar come out of the forest to the right of her, followed by the foot beats of some giant creature.

    Before she can wonder which monstrous creature would be the first to kill her she sees a giant mass of green flesh burst through the woods and tackle the stone golem before her. It looks like an Orsimer, but bigger.

    The thing starts ripping chunks of stone out of the golem and throws them in every direction. Once it grabs a particularly big piece of stone out of the creature, it starts to bash the golems head in with it.

    The Argonian woman flinches at the sight of this, and notices another creature emerge from the woods. The Argonian is familiar with this one and knows it is called a daedroth. It is a large alligator-like creature with human-like arms and stands on its' hind legs.

    Surrounded by such monstrous creatures the Argonian woman falls to her knees and pushes her back to the stone wall. The daedroth lets out a frightening roar, then a giant rock hits it in the back of the head. The strange Orsimar pulls out a giant axe and growls "HOT AXE!" With those words flames start to pour out from the head of the axe. "U COM GIT SUM 'O CRONC!"

    The daedroth is more than happy to abide. It charges at Cronc with a wide open maw. Cronc grabs his axe with both hands and readies himself to give a giant overhead swing on the daedroth's head. But before he could bring his axe down the daedroth leaps forward and turns its' head to the side and grinds its' teeth into Cronc's torso.

    Cronc starts stabbing the butt of his axe handle into the daedroth's eye and bursts it with a sickening pop. Flinching in pain the daedroth lets its' prey go. Cronc wraps his arm around the daedroth's mouth like he was putting it in a sleeper hold. "U NO EET CRONC! CRONC EET U!" Cronc takes a giant bite out of the daedroth's neck and starts to chew it.

    The daedroth panics and struggles free. Oily black blood streams from its' neck. Cronc has symmetrical red blood stains on both sides of his waist. Cronc swallows the meat in his mouth and with a big toothy grin stained black with daedroth's blood, he charges the daedroth. With one giant swing of his flaming axe he cuts the daedroth in half through its' stomach.

    The Argonian woman says a quick prayer to Sithis and either gets ready to thank her savior, or meet her maker. The massive creature shouts, "COLD AXE!" and the flames stop pouring from the axe's head. He turns to the Argonian woman and walks up to her leaving a trail of red behind him.

    She tries to say, "Thank you" but the words just won't be produced from her tongue, for they keep getting caught in her throat. He leans down and stares her face to face. She closes her eyes prepared to die. She can feel his hot breath against her scaly skin.


    Cronc retells the whole story of his fight with the daedric creatures. Reenacting some parts with exaggerated motions of his fists and feet. The Argonian woman starrd at the giant Orsimar as he regales her with the story of his battle.

    "OH!" Cronc runs over to the bisected daedroth and grabs both halves of it, one half per hand. He carries it back to the Argonian woman. "Cronc gunna git nue butes! Ware bute makey gui?!"

    "Um," the argonian woman almost jumped at the sound of her own voice. "I don't know."

    "Et oh kae! Wee goe fin bute gui!" Cronc surprised the Argonian woman when he suddenly grabs her and sits her on his shoulders like she was a child riding on her father's back.

    "Whoa! Hey! Wait!" Cronc grabs the two halves of his soon to be boots.

    "Wut u naem?"

    "I'm Niketena-Jeen" she says as she grabs on to Cronc's head in a panic. She wonders if it is a better idea to ask Cronc to put her down or to just go with him, where ever that is.

    "NEEK... AH ..." Cronc tries to pronounce her name. She has heard her name mispronounced before, but never to this degree of difficulty.

    "My friendssss just call me NJ."

    "Cronc cawl u En Jay, tu!"

    "Can you wait a moment, pleassse?" NJ asks her possible captor.

    "Oh kai."

    NJ says a quick prayer to Sithis that her idea may be a good one. "My town wassss taken over by thesssse thingssss. Can you help me sssave them?"

    "Moar dis ding?" Cronc holds up the top half of the daedroth.

    "Yesss." She swallows and leans away from the gory mess of flesh.

    Cronc pauses for a moment as he chews the idea around. "Moar butes fo' Cronc!" He starts to run off in a direction and suddenly stops. "Wat wai?"

    "Sssithisss sssave usss."

    And now critiques.
    Spoiler: Dr Bwaa

    Regarding Media, I had dearly hoped to retain at least a single star system with more natural resources than a mealy Alshainian apple core.
    I believe you mean "measly".

    Truly, bears are the noblest of creatures.
    Has not Her Excellency The Rev. Sir Doctor Stephen Tyrone Mos Def Colbert, D.F.A., Heavyweight Champion of the World✱✱ featuring Flo Rida La Premiere Dame De France taught us anything. Bears are Godless killing machines and they will eat you. Just look at what they did to the Saints on the hockey rink.

    Assuming they aren't simply luring me into an overextension before shredding the empire, of course.
    Has not Admiral Ackbar taught us anything. You once, again, bring shame to the Rebel Alliance.

    Other than that, I don't have much to say. I'm enjoying the read because each entry expands my understanding of the subject matter, but I don't have much to start off with. I'm confused with what's going on and who's involved. Are you an invader taking over a galaxy? Did someone start a war? Who are all these different factions and how do they relate to you? Is this a previously established fictional universe that I'm just not familiar with and if I had that context, would I understand it better.

    Well, each time you post a new piece I'm a little less lost and I'm enjoying finding my way to understanding what is going on.


    I just had a fun idea. I think it can help flush out my character's personalities and help see things from new perspectives in my stories. Not to mention it will give me something to write when I'm dealing with the BLANK SCREEN OF WRITER'S BLOCK.

    Ask Me Anything (and by me I mean my characters)

    Ask any of my characters any questions. Just direct the question to one of my specific characters and I will attempt to answer them as if my character was reading it and answering it. This could be a ton of fun.

    Please, enjoy. Please, critique. And please, keep writing.
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