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    Seyren Crudelis

    Name/Alias: Seyren

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Age: 22

    Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Class/Profession: Dark Jedi; Prospective Sith

    Power Rating: C+


    A cascading head of red and white hair, with empty and apathetic looking red eyes. He's lithe, and his gait is sturdy. He wears a generic, formfitting outfit implanted with cortosis and phrik threads woven throughout the fabric. This makes his clothes rather deceptively heavy.

    There are two very distinct sides to Seyren's personality. Normally he's your average cynical ******* to anyone he believes to be on his level or under him. The guy isn't quick to trust anyone or anything. Overall he's decently unsympathetic to other people's issues, but not at all lacking in passion. He is rather passionate in thinking his problems, wants and needs are much higher in priority then those of anyone else. Oftentimes, Seyren does snap. During these times, he goes into a near hysteric rage without much regard to his own well being.

    >Vigilance: Seyren carries a crimson lightsaber with a hilt twice the normal length. The saber contains a Lorridian Gemstone used to focus the blade. He'd built the blade himself while training under his former master. He's taken a liking to naming it "Vigilance".

    >Clothes: His clothes being lined by cortosis and interwoven with phrik evenly distributed, Seyren brings some heavy resistance to lightsabers and many other sources of damage to the table. He's also incredibly heavy while wearing this.

    >Force Abilities: Seyren's force potential is even and reliable. Nearly all his honed abilities revolve around defense. He's practiced under the tutelage of Darth Vectivus to build upon his existing defensive nature. He can manipulate the Force to form an intangible and invisible, protective kinetic barrier to deflect a variety of attacks. This projects his awareness equally throughout his surroundings a few feet, and with his usage of the force, he can deflect many attacks at once from any direction within said awareness. This ability also makes melee combat easier for Seyren when using his lightsaber.

    >Swordsmanship: The young man's true strengths lie in both his durability and ferocity in close combat, as reputed by his former master. Normally, his tactics involve fighting on total defense, until his opponent's techniques and general combat style is learned. Afterwards, his combat-style flips as he relentlessly attacks while exploiting all the weaknesses learned prior to going berserk.

    >Mental Conditioning: The young apprentice has undergone remedial mental training as would be expected at his level. Not amazing, but much higher than normal people.

    Seyren was born and grew up an orphan on a large iron asteroid called "The Home" in a star system designated MZX32905, near Bimmiel. He'd had several strange events occur in his life that resulted in him discovering his force-sensitivity. Others had noticed and after an incident with the local mining company authorities, he attracted the attention of their administrator. Said administrator turned out to be a Sith. Seyren was psuedo-adopted and taken in as an apprentice once the director sought out the Sith and became Darth Vectivus. Unhappy with his progress, Seyren decided to leave the system to seek another master against Darth Vectivus's wishes. Seyren snuck onto a freighter to leave the system, when unfortunately it was attacked and exploded into shrapnel. As luck would have it, a spacial anomaly warped around him right before the compartment in which he was hiding was immolated and he was dropped into the nexus.
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