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    Quote Originally Posted by EmeraldRose View Post
    Shadow...I know you enough that it doesn't really surprise me that you did what you did. Seriously, I can totally believe it. So tell me exactly why it makes you so certain, just because he was on and said he'd been asleep? Isn't Tanar in a very much different time zone than us or am I mis-remembering? Either way, if it was the timing that convinced you, please convince me. So far, I've been struggling just to try to follow all the changes everywhere. There's reasons I quit doing spreadsheets years ago and I refuse to go there again. Der Wahnsinn ist nur eine schmale Brücke. And spreadsheets will take you there...

    I don't think you're a wolf, I just think you're nuts. But you know that already.
    Emphasis mine.
    Basically, yep.
    I needed to figure out which of the two was lying to me, and I caught Tanar red handed lying. If he'd lie about when he was on....
    Time zone is irrelevant. He was on after the beginning of day post, in the structured games forum, where he surely would have seen that he had PMs from me and probably his wolf buddies and definitely 'Ruki (if he wasn't lying, which he is) at least four times that I know of before he posted.
    But nope, he says he wasn't here after the daytime post. He says he was sleeping.
    Lie. And one lie breeds others.

    [edit] Oh, and I don't have a spread. I'm running this one organically. [/edit]

    Quote Originally Posted by Internet Flea View Post
    ...says the guy who has had a hard on for me since day one. I wasn't expecting to get you on board.

    Quote Originally Posted by Slii Arhem View Post
    I'm going to do a recount and add names in a bit, so please be patient. I'm not convinced by the turnaround on Tanar either, but I'm also not convinced about my own decision to stay on Anubis. For now, switching to Aventine because it's a safe pick for the moment, but I want to see how the last 25 hours play out before pointing a final finger.
    You'll probably find this odd, but I'm fairly certain that Aventine is not a wolf.
    Just so we're all clear, I was pushing Wolfbane because the information gained will become extremely useful later.
    Same goes with essentially throwing a fake tantrum on day two.

    Who was willing to lynch a claimed Baner? Decent chance of there being wolves on this one.
    Who was willing to lynch a claimed Seer when someone was "hypocritically trying too hard" to stop it? This one could go either way. Wolves would probably want to have a vote on Tanar at some point as a basis for defense. People that voted for both Tanar and Wolfbane at some point are high priority threats in my mind. Do not count anyone that only voted for Tanar after my post earlier, never having done so before that point.
    Who was willing to vote for a claimed Proxy throwing a hissy fit? These guys are less likely to be wolves (more on that later).

    No one should have been willing to do any of the above, under almost any circumstances, unless and until there was some hard evidence. So I set the stage where people could justify doing these basically unthinkable things and waiting to see who took the bait.
    My addition to the chaotic mess of the first few days is at an end, even if I do survive tonight. My goal with it was accomplished, and then some! Not only do we have a veritable crap-ton of information to work with, but we got lucky with a wolf on day two and probably found the Alpha on day three. I couldn't die happier when the wolves eat me tonight!
    Side note to those claiming I should "be better than this".... Are you satisfied now?

    As for Aventine and his extreme push against me so far this game, don't hold it against him. He was absolutely right to try as hard as he could to get me lynched. That was a chance that I was willing to take, trusting in my own play to save me for a few days, in order to get some really juicy stuff to analyze later in the game.
    I have no basis for this other than my gut instinct, but I don't think he's a wolf at all, so if you put any stock into my judgement then don't be too hard on him for doing exactly what he should have done. In fact, my instincts tell me not to look too hard at anyone that wanted me lynched. If I were in your shoes, I'd have lynched me, too. Like I said, I was trusting in my play to keep me alive for a couple of days. The wolves surely wanted to keep me alive, as I was the Proxy for their false Seer. There might be one or two on there at some point trying to save Shinken, but I think it's far less likely than those on Wolfbane/Tanar wagons, especially on day two.
    Internet Flea might be an exception to this. Stress on might be. Or he might follow it exactly and just have been considerably more proactive and wreckless than I expect of him. It has been a long time since I've played with him, after all.

    Now we just need a wolf scry to find out if my second third contact is Seer or Fool. My suggestion on that front is to take whomever gives you the worst feeling from both Wolfbane and Tanar wagons (on either day), excluding anyone that voted for me on day two. I think that's your best shot of finding another wolf at this point.

    I'm not saying any of that is correct. But that's the way that I interpret the events of the past three days, and that's why I did what I did.
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