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Thread: Valor bard forced to get War Caster?

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    Default Re: Valor bard forced to get War Caster?

    RAW = Rules as Written
    RAI = Rules as Intended
    Sometimes the wording of a rule doesn't reflect what was intended and can be abused due to ambiguities. As 5e was designed with DM judgement calls prevailing rather than creating rules for practically any given situation, 5e is riddled with areas where the RAW and the RAI don't line up completely, and some players attempt to abuse this.
    Claiming that not holding a two handed melee wepaon with both hands so that you can cast with s/m is just one example. It doesn't specifically say anywhere that you can't do it, so they think that the requirement of needing a hand free can be explained by just not holding the weapon as it is supposed to be held.

    The problem is that these players are used to 3.x and 4e, where the RAW was Law. But in 5e, the DM is Law, and the RAI are more important than the RAW.

    This thread was about sword and board bards, but as for two handed bards, I don't see the issue. They are proficient with longswords, which are slashing 1d8 (versatile 1d10) already. Grab a component pouch and you're fine.
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