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Thread: Valor bard forced to get War Caster?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toapat View Post
    except that because of how the Material component exception clause works, Holy symbol on shield doesnt change the fact that you are A: Holding the shield, not the Holy Symbol and B: Dont have any free hands anyway
    Common sense dictates that the shield itself becmes the holy symbol, so yes, you are holding it. So unless there are specific mats needed (with a price or consumed) you don't need a hand free anymore for the mats. You are holding your focus, so that requirement is nullified. The focus/pouch completely replaces the need for components in most cases. In the case of a focus rather than a pouch, you already have the components in your hand via the focus.

    The issue with a somatic component still exists, however, unless you find a way around it (ala war caster feat, etc).
    Personally, I rule that the hand holding the focus is the same one that performs the somatic comps. In effect, that hand doesn't have to be free as long as the thing in that hand is your focus.
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