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Thread: Valor bard forced to get War Caster?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toapat View Post
    In other words, you are Seeing a tree and thinking its a forest.
    The only important part about the cleric holding his holy symbol is the fact that he presents it with faith.
    When you hold prayer beads and pray, the cross is the important part, not the beads themselves as they are just the chain upon which the cross hangs.
    By holdnig his shield, the cleric is always presenting his holy symbol. He doesn't need to touch the symbol itself just as a catholic doesn't need to touch the cross hanging on his prayer beads.

    It is quite clear what the intention was for adding foci and component pouches to the game. Just because the exact wording leaves something to be desired doesn't mean that you can no longer cast clerical spells while holding a weapon and shield. That's exactly why they added the clause about holy symbols (clerical foci) being able to be placed upon shields.
    What's the point of it otherwise?
    Please, explain it to me. What's the point of it, if not to allow what you state the wording disallows?

    In other words, you can't see the forest for the trees.

    And as a secondary point, you are also one of the players I was referring to when I mentioned that some people are too used to the 3.x and 4e format where the RAW was the Law. This is not the case in 5e, and you would do well to learn that fact.
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