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Thread: Valor bard forced to get War Caster?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scirocco View Post
    The shield becomes a holy symbol, no argument there, but without the Warcaster feat the cleric can't perform somatic components with a weapon in the other hand. This is an intended effect, given the mention of shields as holy symbol. Now Warcaster is awkwardly worded, but it's pretty clear elsewhere that you can perform the somatic gestures as long as you have one hand free (shield hand isn't free/two-hander isn't free).
    Which is exactly why:

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
    Personally, I rule that the hand holding the focus is the same one that performs the somatic comps. In effect, that hand doesn't have to be free as long as the thing in that hand is your focus.
    In my games, it doesn't matter to me if it's a cleric with a hammer and shield, a wizard with a dagger and wand, a bard with a sword and flute, etc.
    In my games, if your hands are both full, one of those hands must be holding your focus, and then you can cast freely.
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