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    Default Re: The Revised Eldritch Knight: Giantitp's First 5e Fighter Fix

    Quote Originally Posted by Zweisteine View Post
    .. Weapon Bond. At 3rd level, you gain the ability to perform a ritual to invest a weapon with your personal arcane energy. This ritual takes 1 hour to perform, which can be during a short rest, and the weapon must remain in your reach and no other creature must touch it throughout the ritual. Once the ritual is complete, the weapon is treated as a magic weapon, and you gain a number of benefits while wielding it.
    .. You may use your bonded weapon as an arcane focus for your eldritch knight spells. As long as you can move the arm you are wielding your bonded weapon with, you may cast spells as if the hand you hold it in is empty. When you are wielding your bonded weapon, you can add your proficiency bonus to any Constitution check you make to maintain concentration on a spell.
    .. You can only have one bonded action. To form a bond with a different weapon, you must end your bond with your current weapon, which takes 1 minute of concentration.
    Given that it takes 1 hour to perform the ritual, why not just have the unbonding happen when the bonding happens?

    Oh, and include "bonus action" to make it appear in your hand if it is within 50'?
    .. Battle Casting. At 7th level, you gain the ability to perform the somatic components of spells with the movement of your blade. Whenever you take the attack action, you may cast a cantrip in place of one weapon attack you normally would make.
    .. You can only use this ability once per turn.
    Make this any spell. And give advantage when maintaining concentration on spells that only target yourself (!).

    Really, any spell. Which means we get rid of Improved below, freeing up level 10.

    Reworked channeling:
    .. Arcane Channeling. At 15th level, you gain the ability to charge your bonded weapon with the energy of your spells. As a bonus action, you can imbue a spell into your weapon. This spell must be capable of targeting one creature. The first time you hit a target before the start of your next turn with the weapon, the spell goes off and targets only the creature hit. If the spell does not go off, you regain its use. If the spell requires an attack roll, it automatically hits. If the spell gives a saving throw, the target has disadvantage on the save. If you use Arcane Channeling and Battle Casting on the same turn, at least one of them must cast a cantrip.

    This leaves us with level 10 and 18 features to write by getting rid of your "improved" versions, and folding it into the base one.

    .. Arcane Parry. At 10th level, you gain the ability to party and block spells with your bonded weapon as a reaction. If a spell that uses an attack roll passes within your melee reach, you may make an attack roll against the attack roll of the spell -- if you beat it, the spell is parried, and has no effect. If a spell that does not use an attack roll passes within your melee reach, and it allows a safe, you may make an attack roll against the spell's save DC. If you succeed, the spell no longer has an effect. A spell passes within your melee reach if its target (area or creature etc) is within your melee reach, or if any direct line from its source to its target passes within your melee reach.

    That is a bit complex, but rather fun. Now you are a counter spelling machine. We could instead just replace it with counterspells.

    .. Arcane Supremacy. At 18th level, you can cast any spell you know as a bonus action, and twice if you use your action surge. If you do so, you may not use your actions to cast a spell. In addition, your Arcane Channeling only ends when you choose it to, not at the start of your next turn (but only one spell can be imbued at a time). You can call your bonded weapon to your hand from anywhere as part of any other action, and if it is damaged or destroyed you can reform and recreated it as a bonus action.

    So this is a bit of "improved". But by this point, your spells have fallen far enough behind the wizard that they are less of a problem.

    You can still have a spell imbued in your weapon, and then let loose with a spell and attack on your turn.
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