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    Default Re: "Kill it with Fire!" A Goblin Alchemists journal of the Carrion Crown

    --Post incoming--

    I suppose to start will be a bit of Buumis backstory, which I'll post bits and pieces of further down the line:

    And for the parties first day in Lepidstradt and half of our first session playing the campaign:

    First Impressions

    The First Day

    Note that the entire post can be read as an album, if people find that easier, here.

    Also, for a fuller picture, here's the GMs synopsis of what's happened so far:
    Spoiler: Synopsis

    Players present:
    Tom – Oats, human cleric 1
    Michael – Buumi, goblin alchemist 1
    Jos – Zaegan, aasimar bloodrager 1
    Erik – Aurianna, human cleric 1
    Eric – Thogur, dwarf ranger 1
    Steven – Ashran, elf ranger 1

    The players arrived at the town of Ravengro on the day of the funeral of their old acquaintance – Professor Lorrimor, meeting the funeral procession just outside the restlands. The players made introductions to Kendra Lorrimor, the professor’s daughter and took up roles as pallbearers, carrying the coffin to the professor’s grave. They were accosted by a band of angry villagers led by a sour old farmer known as Gibs Hephenus, who accused the professor of necromancy, demanding that he be buried elsewhere. Violence seemed imminent but the players were able to calm the situation down and disperse the mob. The funeral proceeded as normal then, as Father Grimburrow greeted the funeral party at the graveside and gave a short sermon as the coffin was lowered into the grave. Kendra gave a eulogy and a few of the players took an opportunity to pay the respects – earning the approval of the other mourners.

    Afterwards, the players returned with Kendra to her home where Councilman Vashian delivered the reading of the will. Lorrimor has left his home and possessions to his daughter, with the exception of a small trunk filled with books which he has asked the players to deliver to the University of Lepistadt. Finally he requests that the players remain in Ravengro for a month to make sure that his daughter is well and to help her as she decides whether or not to remain in Ravengro or if she wishes to sell her home and leave – perhaps moving back to Lepistadt where the professor once lived and taught. For performing this service, the professor has willed the sum of 100 platinum pieces to the players upon the delivery of the books not less than one month after the reading of the will. With his business concluded, the councilman takes his leave. Kendra then brings out the trunk to give it into the players keeping. They decide not to open it, in respect of Lorrimor’s wishes to protect his daughter from the darker side of his studies, instead storing it away unopened.

    The players then decide to split up. Buumi and Zaegan remain behind to keep an eye on Kendra, while the rest of the party decide to head up to Harrowstone to take a look at the place where the professor died. There they find the statue that crushed the professor’s head, and could find no evidence that the professor was murdered. During the course of their investigations, the players disturbed a swarm of rats, which they managed to overcome without any casualties. Finding nothing else to indicate how the professor died, the players decided to reunite with their companions.

    Back at Kendra’s home, the players again consider the trunk, but again decide not to open it. Instead they decide to see what they can find out in the town. They visit the local tavern – the Laughing Demon. There they sample some of the local cuisine and learn what they can of Harrowstone’s ruins. The tavern keeper, Zokar Elkarid, shares with them a rumor that he heard, “Now and then, if you visit Harrowstone near sundown, you can hear the ghost of the warden’s wife wailing and sobbing somewhere within the ruins. She haunts the prison now, forever mourning her husband and attempting to frighten anyone who intrudes on the prison.”

    Eventually the players return to Kendra’s home and rest for the night.

    And that's the first half of our first session. I'll see about posting the other half soon.
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