At least he was able to take a momento with him.

Thraincaxhe Scaleshield, the Male Draconic Desert Dwarf the Lawful Neutral Dragonfire Adept 5 / Fighter 1 / Binder 4 / Crusader 3 / Knight of the Sacred Seal 4 / Squire of Legend 3

Spoiler: Fluff

Thraincaxhe came from a small mining village in the middle of the desert which centuries past had been settled by the Gold Dragon Dalharnexus. Under guise of a rich Dwarven explorer the dragon had hired a minor clan, which had been effectively exiled following the collaspe of their previous kingdom, to build and run a mining camp finding all sorts of exotic gemstones in the sand. Through time the encampment became a village of which a large part of the dwarves could claim ancestry of Dhalvarexus which were still protective towards the mining villag, including Thraincaxhe, until the day where it was murdered by a usurping Chromatic dragon who had seen the riches the dwarves dug out the earth and wanted it for itself, enslaving the majority of the dwarves forcing them to work for him.

Thraincaxhe was one of the few Dwarves that managed to get out in time, only managing to get a few scant items and a momento, a tooth from the Dragon which he started experimenting with, at one point by accident summoning a vestige from the distant past, ending up (dis)identifying Dahlvar-Nar as the same entity as Dalharnexus.

Spoiler: Statline

Ability Base Desert Dwarf Draconic Total
Strength 12 +2 14
Dexterity 12 -2 10
Constitution 18 +2 +2 22
Intelligence 10 10
Wisdom 10 10
Charisma 12 +2 14
All stat increases should go to Constitution

Spoiler: Build
Level Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
1st Dragonfire Adept 1 +0 +2 +0 +2 Listen 4, Knowledge (Arcana) 4, Spot 4, Use Magic Device 4 Additional Favored Class (Dragonfire Adept), DragontouchedB Breath Weapon 1d6, Least Invocation (Endure Exposure)
2nd Dragonfire Adept 2 +1 +3 +0 +3 Listen 5, Knowledge (Arcana) 5, Spot 5, Use Magic Device 5 Breath Effect (Sickening Breath), Scales +2
3rd Dragonfire Adept 3 +1 +3 +1 +3 Listen 6, Knowledge (Arcana) 6, Spot 6, Use Magic Device 6 Constant Guardian Breath Weapon 2d6, Least Invocation (Magic Insight), LA Buyoff (-3000xp)
4th Dragonfire Adept 4 +2 +4 +1 +4 Listen 7, Knowledge (Arcana) 7, Spot 7, Use Magic Device 7 Dragonkin
5th Dragonfire Adept 5 +2 +4 +1 +4 Listen 8, Knowledgde (History) 1, Spot 8, Use Magic Device 8 Breath Weapon 3d6, Breath Effect (Slow Breath),
6th Fighter 1 +3 +6 +1 +4 Intimidate 2 Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Kusari-Gama), Dutiful GuardianB Fighter Bonus Feat
7th Binder 1 +3 +8 +1 +6 Diplomacy 2 Soul Binding (1 Vestige)
8th Binder 2 +4 +9 +1 +7 Diplomacy 4 Pact Augmentation, Supress Sign
9th Crusader 1 +5 +11 +1 +7 Diplomacy 6, Knowledge (History) 3 Weapon Focus (Kusari-Gama) Furious Counterstrike, Steely Resolve 5
10th Crusader 2 +6 +12 +1 +7 Diplomacy 10 Indomitable Soul
11th Binder 3 +7 +12 +2 +7 Diplomacy 12
12th Knight of the Sacred Seal 1 +8 +14 +2 +7 Diplomacy 14 Combat Reflexes Patron Vestige (Dahlvar-Nar), Aligned Strike
13th Knight of the Sacred Seal 2 +9 +15 +2 +7 Diplomacy 16 Vestige's Protection
14th Knight of the Sacred Seal 3 +10 +15 +3 +8 Diplomacy 17, Intimidate 3 Vestige's Protection Aura
15th Knight of the Sacred Seal 4 +11 +16 +3 +8 Diplomacy 18, Intimidate 4 Stand Still Vestige's Power
16th Crusader 3 +12 +16 +4 +9 Diplomacy 19, Intimidate 7 Zealous Surge
17th Binder 4 +13 +17 +4 +10 Diplomacy 20, Intimidate 8 Improved BindingB Bonus Feat
18th Squire of Legend 1 +13 +17 +4 +10 Listen 11, Spot 11 Entangling Exhalation Paragon's Path (Dardallion), Least Squire's Burden, Save Bonus +1 (Reflex)
19th Squire of Legend 2 +14 +17 +4 +10 Listen 14, Spot 14 Lesser Squire's Burden, Lesser Invocation (Voidsense)
20th Squire of Legend 3 +15 +18 +5 +11 Listen 17, Spot 17 Breath Weapon 4d6, Faithful Companion, Greater Squire's Burden, Save Bonus +2 (Reflex)

Spoiler: Maneuvers
Level / Initiator Level Maneuvers Known Maneuvers Readied Stances Known Learned
9 / 5 5 5(2) 1 Defensive Rebuke, Leading the Attack, Mountain Hammer, Shield Block, White Raven Tactics :: Iron Guard's Glare
10 / 6 5 5(2) 2 Thicket of Blades
16 / 7 6 5(2) 2 Flanking Maneuver

Spoiler: Breakdown

Level 5:

Fairly regular Dragonfire Adept, mainly serves as debuffing with Sickening/Slow Breath, (with DC 10+˝CL+Con, so at 5th its DC 18) still working, if at a reduced duration even if the save is succeded. Important thing to note is that only Invocations are somatic so if Endure Exposure is cast as need be before dressing for the day and Magic Insight is mainly used out of combat (eating the chance that you might have to wait a few rounds or some), it doesn't matter at all if you are in heavy armor. Feats chosen are taken either for dodging Multiclassing penalty or as prerequsiste for Dutiful Guardian

Level 10:

Things start to get interesting, grabbing proficiency with Kusari-Gama is one of the few ways to get a onehanded weapon with reach, which means that Thicket of Blades are so much more efficient, and Weapon Focus Kusari-Gama to have a better chance to hit (and as a prerequsiste). Dutiful Defender meshes well with Crusader since you can give your opponent a choice. Attack youself (what you want), attack one of your allies in which case you swap place and take the attack, or attack one of the rest of your allies, in which case you can Shield Block them. Pact Augmentation is probably best used for DR 1/-

Level 15:
Binding underway. right off the bat at 11th, 2nd level vestiges is gained from which point Dahlver-Nar is bound at all times, giving two great abilities to support your continued existence as a tank. first is additional stacking Natural armor (giving a total of +7 Natural Armor without any Con enhancers, 2 from scales, 1 from Draconic, and 4 from half Con Mod) making it much harder for your opponents to hit you, and secondly Shield Self which you use to give opponents within 10ft/BL half the damage you take making it more uncomfortable for them to attack (specially since you can to a certain extent force them to do so via Dutiful Guardian). Furthermore Knight of the Sacred seal is taken 1-4, which gives you a number of swift actions which make it a harder to attack allies (Protection Aura giving my Cha Bonus as Insight AC and Reflex 1/5rd) and gives me a good boost in Vestige's Power giving me some quite handy boosts every so often. Combat Reflexes is taken to give more AoOs (although it needs Dex-enhancers to show) while Stand Still makes it very difficult for enemies to get close to my allies and me with my Kusari-Gama.

Level 20:

Last bits, Crusader 3 is taken for Zealous Surge to support Balam's Cunning (further down) and Flanking Maneuver to help allies beat down opponents faster. Binder 4 is taken which together with the Bonus feat (used for Improved Binding) opens for use of Balam to be used together with Dahlver-Nar (as i'm BL 8 i can have 2 vestiges online at the same time) giving me a free gaze attack and even more defensive abilities with rerolls of saves (or attacks if i want to, which i likely won't), and Prescience which gives me a +2 Insight bonus to AC, Initiative and Reflex saves.

Tailend of build is 3 levels of Squire of Legend giving me the ability to manipulate the flanking rules for one encounter a day, the ability to grant allies a reroll, or letting allies move without provoking AoO's ... the last one is unlikely to be used, but it can be used to grant a reroll, which i then can use twice a day. 2nd and 3rd Level also count as Spellcasting class, of which Dragonfire Adept count as, boosting DCs, Breath weapon damage, and invocation access, giving me Voidsense (Blindsense 30ft, and as my breath don't roll attack it can't miss, so i don't care if they have high miss chance). Lastly i grab Entangling Exhalation, for another breath effect which entangles opponents with no save to resist.

Spoiler: Comparison with SI

HD d12 (average 126+con given full at 1st): 12d8+5d10+3d12 (Average 95+con given full at 1st), although given the build's dependence on Con over everything else (only Charisma is close, and even then only really for binding vestiges without getting a poor pact), it can be focused at with a much higher degree than usual.

BAB 20: 15, although as my primary attacks are breath debuffing with Sickening/Slow Breath and Entangling Exhalation the BAB doesn't matter all that much
Fort 6: 18
Reflex 6: 7
Will 12: 11

Skill Points 20*(2+int): 9*(2+int)+11*(4+int)+3*(6+int)

Fighting Challenge +4 Attack Bonus: Furious Counterstrike and Weapon Focus both helps a bit, but see note at BAB.

Fighting Challenge +4 Will Save: Indomitable Soul and Vestige's Power helps with will saves.

Mounted Combat: Not Done.

Mount focused Bonus Feats: Not Done.

Shield Block (AC Bonus) +3: Scales with Draconic's addition (its explicitly said to improve your Natural Armor), Dahlver-Nar Natural Armor Bonus (which as an enhancement stacks on top of normal Natural armor) and the +2 Insight AC from Balam 'Prescience' all add up to be quite an effective armor bonus beyond items.

Bulwark of Defense: Thicket of Blades

Armor Mastery (Medium) (Heavy): Dwarf.

Test of Mettle: Dutiful Defender lets me take attacks by swapping places with any single preselected ally (selected via Constant Guardian as a Free action doing your action), while Defensive Rebuke and Shield Block helps making it less likely that other allies in front are attacked.

Vigilant Defender: - Thicket of Blades with Stand Still and Slow Breath/Entangling Exhalation makes it unlikely that opponents are getting within reach of allies hanging back.

Shield Ally (Improved): Dutiful Defender

Call to Battle: Lesser Squire's Burden grants an ally a reroll, usable 2/day.

Daunting Challenge: Sickening Breath gives sickened, which is mechanicly quite similar (adds another -2 to weapon damage rolls over Shaken).

Bond of Loyalty Not exactly emulated - but see below.

Impetuous Endurance Between Balam's Cunning and held as a Zealous Surge as failsafe, I should be able to dodge most inconvenient saves that i would otherwise fail.

Loyal beyond Death Not emulated directly, but Shield Self (Dahlver-Nar) helps negate incoming damage and DR 1/- helps negating a wee bit of damage as well, specially if you're up against death of thousand cuts

Spoiler: Sources

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