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    Default Re: Random Plots and Places 9: What a crazy, random happenstance!

    [La Fontaine]

    Uh-oh. Crowds. Urias becomes a little hesitant as he moves closer, but manages to slowly move along to the side of the table and avoid the worst of the crush. Once he's able, he'll pick out and pay for a pair of wristbands, with the band logo on. His current white sweatbands that he used for training were quite worn and needed replacing, plus they would be a nice reminder of a (so far) enjoyable evening.

    He'd like to get Katrina something as well, but there's a couple of problems. He's not sure what she'd like, and even if he was, she'd seen this band plenty times before, from the sound of it - so she'd probably own it already.

    'Excuse me! Uhm, what here is new?' He'll ask whoever is manning the stall.
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