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    bear with me as i edit the previous posts and do the epic stuff for the class and it;s finally back to more giants.


    Epic Runes are designed and 'cast' much the same as Epic Spells. Once developed a Runecaster may shape as many Epic Runes per day as he has slots available (ranks in Knowledge: Arcana divided by 10). The RUnecaster must make a Spellcraft Check against the Runes Spellcraft DC to shape it. A Runecaster can take 10, but not 20 on this check. If it succeeds the rune is shaped, if not the rune fails but the slot is still used up. A Runecaster may not shape a rune whose Spellcraft DC is greater than (20 plus the Runecasters Spellcraft modifier). Epic runes have no fixed level. However, for purposes of Concentration checks, spell resistance, and other possible situations where rune level is important, epic runes are all treated as if they were 10th-level runes. Metarune Feats and other Epic Feats cannot be applied to Epic Runes. The Save DC for an Epic Rune is 20 plus the Runecasters Wisdom Modifier (plus any possible bonuses from the spells development). Epic Runes cannot be crafted into items. Epic Rune Seeds work the same as Epic Spell Seeds with one exception: Instead of Components and Casting Time, you have Shaping Time and Access Time. The Shaping Time for any Epic Seed is 1 Hour (it still has a Somatic component as usual), and Access Time is 1 Minute (it still has a Verbal component as usual). This can be modified in development. All Epic Runes have a single Focus chosen from this list: Any creature, any weapon, any armor, any shield, any unattended item or any surface. Additional Foci can be gained during development.

    Unlike normal if you learn an Epic Rune, you do not learn all versions of it. For example if you learn Heightened Sort as a War, you ,ay only shape it as a Ward. However for each other variation on this Rune you know, you may learn the next version at -25% Resource and XP cost. For example if you wish to learn Heightened Sort as a Defense, and you already know it as a Ward, Weapon and Wonder, the cost is lowered by 75%.


    Reduce Casting Time by one step (i.e. from 1 Hour to I Minute, from 1 Minute to a Full Round, from a Full Round to a Standard Action, etc,): +2 to Spellcraft DC Modifier

    No Somatic Component: +2 to Spellcraft DC Modifier

    Reduce Access Time by one step (i.e. from 1 Minute to a Full Round, from a Full Round to a Standard Action, etc,): +2 to Spellcraft DC Modifier

    No Verbal Component: +2 to Spellcraft DC Modifier

    Accessible by 1 Ally, who must be present at the Runes shaping: +2 to Spellcraft DC Modifier
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