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    Quote Originally Posted by obryn View Post
    If "dude doing ninja rolls with a pair of hand crossbows and shooting the hell out of monsters" is wrong, I never want to be right.
    Quote Originally Posted by pwykersotz View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ImperiousLeader View Post
    How does a street kid get a 50gp diamond?
    Step 1: Find a wealthy person.
    Step 2: Pick their pocket.
    Step 3: If they didn't notice you, enjoy your new spell! If they did, enjoy testing your new spell!
    Quote Originally Posted by HorridElemental View Post
    You say unwanted attention, I hear chunks of XP.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eslin View Post
    You wouldn't believe how many plans would be improved with 'first, teleport into a star'

    And the point of being a conjurer isn't throwing physics out the window, it's throwing physics at people you don't like =D
    Quote Originally Posted by Galen View Post
    3.5E, 4E: "Here, we made a rule for his - but feel free to ignore it if you want."
    5E: "We didn't make a rule for this - because we trust you to be able to decide for yourself."

    And you know what, I kind of like this mindset.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shining Wrath View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Strill View Post
    Say I get swallowed by the Tarrasque. I then put a portable hole into a bag of holding. Sure we're both drawn into the Astral plane, but the Tarrasque was sucked through the portal insides first, so he comes out the other side inside out. Isn't this a foolproof way of defeating the Tarrasque?

    Also, this is a really neat way to conceptualize the implications of four-dimensional space.
    This may in fact be the single most dramatic way of committing suicide ever.
    Quote Originally Posted by Strill View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by infinitetech View Post
    [on rapid growth in limited space] the release would be like hitting someone with a blood variant of a water jet rock cutter
    Quote Originally Posted by Gnaeus View Post
    If it doesn't make sense to use your space Legos with your medieval Legos, then don't. I just want more cool building blocks, and I will use the ones I like.
    Quote Originally Posted by eastmabl View Post
    So what you are saying is that not everyone was kung fu fighting, regardless of the elemental speed of their fists?
    Quote Originally Posted by Slipperychicken View Post
    There are laser guns in the DMG, brain-eating green aliens in the MM, and the PHB has a whole character archetype built around making deal with cthulhu to get magic lasers.

    I don't think lightsabers are much of a stretch here.
    Quote Originally Posted by CantigThimble View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Flashy View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Troacctid View Post
    Personally I'd be psyched if they brought back None of the Above. I played a Human None of the Above 10/Fighter 2 in my very first campaign, and it would be super-nostalgic if I could bring that character over to 5e.
    Why the Fighter dip?
    Because the coward guacamole smelled kinda old.
    Quote Originally Posted by JellyPooga View Post
    All it takes to work for McGoodberries is an intensive outdoor training programme and to sell your soul...

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