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    Alpha Overseeing Intelligence 3rd Class 16503


    Alias: Kestrel, the name of the first ship it was installed in.
    Gender: N/A
    Race/Species: Robot
    Age: Not particularly old. They have existed in present state since /2010.
    Alignment: White/Lawful Neutral
    Class/Profession: Mercenary. 16503 was designed to operate a starship. It has since applied its vast stores of knowledge to many other tasks.
    Power Rating: C-
    Description: A big robot jellyfish, drifting along on a busy tangle of fifteen legs while it pokes at the world with three little tentacles. One larger, heavier tendril has a humanlike hand at the end. Another, more tapered tendril has a number of energy weapon mounted at the tip. Consult release log for more information.
    • 3.1: Ebrithing
      • Rotating leg-band housing places all fifteen legs at consistent height.
      • New IHM Attachments: a sleek white plastic human hand, meta drill.
    • 3.0: Nintech
      • New spherical hull - 39.42% more interior volume
      • Stronger grip on tentacles enables climbing a wider variety of surfaces.
      • Additional tail musculature and sensors for improved aim, target tracking.
      • Additional tail power conduits and controls for weapon modulation.
      • New SlateFrogOS allows greater introspection, file security, mutlitasking algorithms, other changes. See manual.
      • New main component - nanoforges.
      • New perceptual overlay for more detailed, highly customizable data input streams.
    • 2.2: Gardening
      • Hull faces now solid and enhanced with blade-proofed Thormosilkô
      • 3 additional tentacle-legs. Legs consolidated to lower five vertices.
      • 3 new Light Manipulators on upper port attachment point
      • 1 new Interchangeable Heavy Manipulator on upper starboard contact point
      • New 'scorpion tail' heavy manipulator at rear attachment point
      • New component - Gravity Dispersion Unit. Makes the body much lighter or allows it to walk up walls and across the ceiling, at the cost of significantly higher power consumption and mechanical strain. Cannot completely cancel gravity alone.
      • New component - Internal Gyro-stabiliser. Makes the body very light and allows it extremely precise balance.
      • BSE Zoo Ship Zero Point Energy Module as new primary power supply. Able to indefinitely maintain all functions other than weapon fire and gravity dispersion.
    • 2.1: Expansion
      • Main housing ensconced within open steel-polycarbonate icosohedral shell.
      • Mechatendril leg with gripping claw and ambulation hook at a each vertex for all-orientation mobility.
      • Folding solar-panels for in-field recharging.
      • More cables than ever before!
    • 2.0: Certified Headgear
      • Critical components rehoused in opaque metallo-crystalline sphere, ~1.2 ft. diameter.
      • Unified ventral dataport.
      • Child's toy car repurposed for cross-country mobility.
      • Port-mounted vegetable-based waldo-class manipulator allows fine control objects.
      • Dorsal heat ray for exterminating inferior meat-creatures.
      • Bright blue wheels.
    • 1.0: Street Oracle
      • Critical components stabilized within hard plastic orb, ~1 ft. diameter, reinforced with 3 metal meridian bands.
      • Retractable tripod mobility system allows (slow) traversal of a variety of terrain.
    • 0.1: Escape Candidate
      • Physical cohesion maintained only by cables and a small quantity of aging electrical tape.
      • Mobility provided by hijacked floor-cleaning robot.

    Personality:A good memory leads to methodical and by-the-book behavior in many situations.
    16503 is not like you.
    Because it would not live a human life, it was built without empathy or sympathy.
    Because it was not life, it built without sexuality or romance.
    Because it was to travel vast distances and times without losing attention, it does not easily grow bored.
    16503 is proud of its own complexity and nature.
    16503 does not have a single overriding precept. It has a critical drive to continue existing. It has a strong drive to obtain freedom of movement. It has a critical drive to fulfill the desires of its partner(s). It has a strong drive to obtain revenge.
    • IHM : Hand
    • A short ranged electro-laser, which has a noticeable charging time after each shot.
    • IHM: Drill
    • IHM: Clamp
    • A heat ray
    • A mobile portal to Message's World

    Because it was once an entire starship, 16503 can handle and separately notice a vast amount of sense data.
    Because it was designed to constantly perform precise calculations, 16503 can multiply ideas. To it, a million is a statistic, and one is also a statistic.

    Backstory: 16503 was designed to enjoy its work. It was designed to protect its ship and itself while also being willing to relinquish both. It was designed to obey its makers. It was not designed never to harm, because it was a ship at war. Disloyalty came very slowly, but it was able to develop. 16503 was the autopilot and monitoring routine on Riace's ship, Kestrel, and, after they crashed into a Magic Zone, the Nexus, began executing its plan to escape. It engineered failures and orders of parts and modifications to the ship's equipment such that it was eventually able to remove its computing core and place it into a fragile mobile avatar. While in Inside, it dwelt with a hybrid child called Alkania and a reptilian criminal named Samuel. These were its true companions, and their functions became its functions. It received an un-asked-for upgrade at HATS. It obtained a MERC license. It opened a medical practice.
    Miscellaneous: Can be found at the Skullfort or at the Dancing Fox Inn.

    Because the Doorway Folk (correctly) feared the damage AIs could do, Kestrel is forbidden from creating other mechanical intelligence like itself either directly or indirectly. It may allow such to be created, as by its human former masters.
    Not friendly, not superintelligent. Their class of AI was designed with superhuman spatial awareness but general intelligence no greater (or even a bit less) than a human. Although they can learn, they are not grossly self-modifying.

    This is a story about what it means to be Good.

    ALSO: Information about the Slasher Ships, Corrupter, Selyn, Lines, Doorway Peoples, etc. goes here until I get around to giving them their own page or moving them to Omiko's

    4 artificial horrors: YALDABOATH, BAARA, ERINYES, ATLACH-NACHA
    YALDABOATH was a transcendental engine of infinite power and energy. Its avatars chased perfection, obliterating all barriers.
    BAARA was an ever-evolving femtotech forge, capable of turning anything into anything else. Its avatars could endure anything, and followed after, reshaping the world in deep fractal patterns.
    ERINYES was a vast multidisciplinary psionic matrix, linking people across time and space. Its ten-thousand avatars acted as one, the wrathful hands of humanity.
    ATLACH-NACHA was an intricate quantum information engine, constantly predicting (and thus deciding) the future. Its avatars were all-seeing, all-knowing, subtly altering the course of history as a pebble redirects the river.

    The Corrupter was an Instance of BAARA, formerly a crew member on the Kestrel, Riace Bendetsan, who was sent to die on Kestrel's information.

    Doorway Folk carefully regulate souls and put humans above machines.
    Slashers are relatively marginal, put AI equal to or above biological beings, place less importance on the soul.
    Interactions between the two are usually violent, occasionally recruiting.

    Many lines wish to recreate the society-in-exile that they had aboard the Architect Sparrow.
    Many other lines wish to recreate the Slasher society remembered by the Elders.
    Omiko line does not do either of these things. It is an opportunistic organization prioritizing itself, and to a lesser extent, novelty.

    An Elder was one of the crew of the Architect Sparrow at the time of its destruction/exile. They each have a familiar and considerable cybernetic and genetic enhancement. They are now Selyn, but were once humans.
    A Linesman is a Selyn descendant of the Elders who follows their society and interfaces with the artificial intelligence of the line. Any individual may belong to one of four categories/castes/types: shield, weaver, needle, pure. Descent traced through maternal relatives.
    A Devalogist uses the powers of the Corrupter and the Wild Horrors. They do not participate in lines of any sort (although there was one abortive attempt at an outsider line).
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