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Thread: Minor Conjuration: Use and Abuse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxWilson View Post
    Best thing I can think of is an Exotic Saddle for your druid buddy so that the Beastmaster Ranger can ride him and give him Evasion via Mounted Combatant. Convoluted, I know.

    I suggest that you think of Minor Conjuration as a scaled-up variant of Prestidigitation. All the things you want to do with Prestidigitation but can't because the items must fit in your hand and last for only six seconds--that's what you use Minor Conjuration for. Flavor and convenience, not optimizing killing power.
    I agree with this, If I was DMing I would't allow anyone to make anything Alchemical, no poisons, no potions, no foods, no spell components etc. The description says it takes the form of an object, not you summon that object.

    I picture this like having Green Lanterns Ring but only the diet coke version. The obviously magical and glowing line really sells this for me. I didn't actually make a Diamond that can be used for Revivify, I only have this green glowing creation that looks like a diamond.

    Applications I would allow this for, making a 1 handed weapon or a shield, making tools IE hammer, saw, wrench, axe, shovel, oar, crowbar making mundane items, hooks, pullys, wheels, chests, chairs, shelves, or some more creative options like manacles, spyglass, saddle, pots and pans when cooking on the road.
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