Australia, or, as everyone in the world calls it, the Dreamlands, is a fairly unusual continent. Not only does it share the unusual flora, fauna, and geographical features of our world, but it is widely considered one of the most confusing continents to unprepared outsiders due to the presence of Dreamtime.*

Civilizations in the area are mostly human-dominated... but due to the nature of Australia, a great many other species can be found in isolated groups. The other major species in the area are seedlings.


Dreamtime is a sort of spirit world demiplane, where dreams span multiple realities and times. Past, present, and future blur together, which means that one can encounter beings from thousands of years in the future and dinosaurs in the same small area. Unfortunately for any would-be time travelers, it's basically impossible to tell what is from the future and what is from another reality's future, and it's even harder to travel anyplace beyond your own world. Even getting to other places in your own world is difficult. The dreams of Dreamtime are wild and chaotic, and predicting them is impossible no matter how complex your divining methods are, because the very act of divining disturbs Dreamtime. Instead, navigation relies on intuition--one must follow their sense of déjà vu.

The dreams and songs of all creatures, past, present, and future, have combined in Dreamtime. But Dreamtime resonates most strongly in Australia, which has led to it being called the Dreamlands. There is a reason for this--Australia is from Dreamtime.

A few million years after the extinction of the dinosaurs, a region of Dreamtime experienced an unprecedented event. Iku-Roa, a dreaming god, slept fitfully, and his sleeping mind was thrust into Dreamtime by an immense psychic disturbance of unknown cause. As his spirit-form thrashed in confusion, his reality-warping powers brought the area around him into its present location. However, even the powers of a god cannot fully remove the dreamlike quality of Australia. Because of that, not only is a section of Dreamtime a reflection of Australia, Australia is influenced by Dreamtime.

Australia still experiences "fuzzy time." Changes made in the right way are applied retroactively, but everyone's original memories are kept in addition to the new memories. That being said, the original memories are more like the memories of watching a movie than anything else--they don't quite seem genuine.

This doesn't happen often--only gods can do it--but it is impossible to alter the past in any other sort of way.

[expansion of Dreamtime]

Notes and Concepts:
1. For the most part, Australia is devoid of fae. However, the legends of the mimi could prove to be an interesting addition, and I'd like to add them.
2. Arrows. Arrowheads like these and these are pretty cool, and I would like to have specific rocks, when knapped and infused with magic, be both unbreakable and have specific effects. Opal, I have decided, should be sacred to the Rainbow Serpent--it is his shed scales.