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I'd note that Tiefling gets Darkness, which is simply fantastic with Devil's Sight. Makes them equal to variant humans, imo.
I don't want to be mister meany-pants, but could you please only quote the part of the post you're actually responding to instead of the whole super long post?

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Human/Variant Human: regular humans are very, very, very meh. I'm tempted to give them an Orange rating, but the bonus to charisma makes them borderline acceptable warlocks.
I don't quite agree with this, I think the ordinary human is fine in terms of stat boosts, +1 to all three important stats is nothing to sneeze at, their disadvantage is the fact that 1. they don't get darkvision and 2. they lack the cool extra like the halfling reroll or the dragonborn breath weapon.

One final nit-pick, this thread is titled Eldritch Might, which is rather close the Eldritch Knight, you don't have to change it, but I find it a little bit confusing.