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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly.Dude View Post
    Could you publish the stat blocks for the armies you made for book 2?

    Thank you
    I will try to. Note that though the stats are quite similar to those used in the Mass Combat Paizo Rules, Some of their meaning have been modified to our rules. I have been asked before to publish our version of the rules, and I hope to get down to it. Been a bit busy.

    I've put two armies of Kenabres here. If you're interested in the enemies, I may do them later. The armies written here are BEFORE any upgrades the party got for them.

    I don't much know how to use the tables function on this site, so it's in a stat block instead:

    Spoiler: Armies of Kenabres

    Queen's Knights
    Face: Kamilo Dann, 4th level female human cavalier.
    Composition: Medium army, 4th level human cavaliers, heavy warhorses.
    Size: 2 squares
    ACR/ Init: 3/ +3
    hp: 32
    moral: +1
    move: 4 (Mounted)
    DV/ OM: 16/ +6 (Long range ability)
    Tactics known (Max): Fast movers, Cavalry expert (bonus) (2/3)
    Resources: Mounts, Improved armor, Improved weapons (Cold iron), Long range weapons, 14 BP supplies
    Special: Mounts (Included), Challenge- May increase OM by 2 against a single army, -1 DV for others., Tactician (Included)
    Consumption: 7
    BP cost: 54 BP

    Eagles of Kenabres (Formerly the Eagle Watch)
    Face: Tamm Stern, a young male human fighter 3. Possibly Arabeth (Cavalier 5)
    Composition: Large army, 2nd level human fighters.
    Size: 2 squares
    ACR/ Init: 3/+3
    hp: 32
    moral: +2
    move: 2 (+1 vs. fear and routing)
    DV/ OM: 14/ +4 (Short range ability)
    Tactics known (Max): cooperative fighting (2)
    Resources: Short range weapons, cold iron weapons, 6 BP worth of supplies
    Special: 2 extra feats (included), bravery (included)
    Consumption: 3
    BP cost: 34 BP

    First Ascendents (Mongrelfolk)
    Face: Lann (Possible leader), Lily (Female mongrelfolk rogue 2)
    Composition: Medium army, 100 1st level mongrelfolk rogues
    Size: 1 square
    ACR/ Init: 2/ +2
    hp: 20
    moral: +2
    move: 3
    DV/ OM: 12/ +2 (Short range ability)
    Tactics known (Max): Ambush (2)
    Resources: cold iron weapons, short ranged weapons, alchemical items (3 uses), 4 BP worth of supplies
    Special: Sneak attack- +1 OM when flanking or ambushing, Stealthy- +4 to hidden movement, Darkvision.
    Consumption: 2
    BP cost: 28 BP

    Knights of the Sovereign Order of Sarenrae
    Face: possibly Commander John.
    Composition: medium army, 100 3rd level fighters
    Size: 1 square
    ACR/ Init: 2/ +2
    hp: 22
    moral: +1 (+1 vs. fear and routing)
    move: 3 (Armor training)
    DV/ OM: 14/ +3
    Tactics known (Max): Defensive wall (2)
    Resources: cold iron weapons, improved armor, healers (Can be moved to other units by Sena), 10 BP supplies.
    Special: extra feats (included), bravery (included), armor training (included)
    Consumption: 5
    BP cost: 37 BP

    Lions of Sarkoris
    Face: Jester Holten (Cleric of the green faith 5)
    Composition: medium army, 100 3rd level human barbarians.
    Size: 1 square
    ACR/ Init: 2/ +2
    hp: 24
    moral: +1
    move: 4 (fast movement)
    DV/ OM: 13/ +4 (12/ +6 in rage for 2 rounds)
    Tactics known (Max): Fight on the run (2)
    Resources: Improved weapons (cold iron), moral boosters, 6 BP worth of supplies
    Special: rage (included), fast movement (included)
    Consumption: 3
    BP cost: 34 BP

    The tiefling host
    Face: Qulin long shadow (Sorcerer 5)
    Composition: large army, 200 3nd level tiefling rogues
    Size: 2 squares
    ACR/ Init: 3/ +3
    hp: 26
    moral: -3
    move: 3
    DV/ OM: 13/ +3
    Tactics known (Max): Dirty fighteers (2)
    Resources: casters (Abyssal sorcerers)
    Special: Darkvision, sneak attack, Darkness 1/ day, Tiefling resistances, evasion
    Consumption: 4
    BP cost: Free or execute!

    Bartlet hounds
    Face: Bartlet!
    Composition: Small army, 50 4th level halfling rangers, mounted on riding dogs
    Size: 1 square
    ACR/ Init: 1/ +1
    hp: 10
    moral: +1
    move: 4 (mounted)
    DV/ OM: 12/+2 (+4 vs. demons) long range capשbility. +1 ranged fighting style
    Tactics known (Max): Expert shooters (2)
    Resources: Mounts, cold iron weapons, long range weapons, expert scouts, 16 BP worth of supplies.
    Special: low light vision, favored enemy demons (Included), ranged fighting style (included), stealthy
    Consumption: 8
    BP cost: 29 BP

    Dunklehelm Mercenary company
    Face: Possibly Dunklehelm (Fighter strategist 5)
    Composition: Medium army, 100 3rd level dwarf fighters
    Size: 1 square
    ACR/ Init: 2/+2
    hp: 22
    moral: +1 (+1 vs. fear and route)
    move: 2
    DV/ OM: 13/+4 (short ranged)
    Tactics known (Max): Full Defense, Dirty fighters (2)
    Resources: Engineer support, short range weapons, cold weapons, alchemical (3 uses), 12 bp worth of supplies
    Special: Darkvision, 2 extra feats (included), bravery (included)
    Consumption: 6
    BP cost: 43 BP (+2 if Dunklehelm commands)

    The Silver Banner, Crusaders of the Last Wall
    Face: Dumas Ardent, 5th level venerable fighter
    Composition: Small army, 50 5th level old fighters, mounted on warhorses.
    Size: 1 square
    ACR/ Init: 2/+2
    hp: 18 (Reduced for age)
    moral: +2 (+1 vs. fear)
    move: 4 (mounted)
    DV/ OM: 14/ +7
    Tactics known (Max): relentless brutality (2)
    Resources: mounts, improved weapons (cold iron), improved armor, 10 bp worth of supplies
    Special: 3 extra feats (included), bravery, armor training, weapon specialization (included),Old (-1 hp per ACR. -1 DV. Included)
    Consumption: 5
    BP cost: 30 BP

    Spoiler: Commanders of the march to Drezen
    4 Commanders other than the PCs:
    5th level crusader.
    Cha modifier: +3
    Soldier: 9
    Moral bonus: +6
    Leadership: +8
    Boons: Bloody but unbroken
    Special: Drill sergeant- - for 10 minutes adds +1 DV or OM

    Commander John
    Oracle of battle 6
    Cha modifier: +4
    Soldier: 10
    Moral bonus: +7
    Leadership: +10
    Boons: Siege Specialist, Triage
    Special: Battle Cry: For 1 round +1 bonus to all.

    Lann, Mongrelfolk hero
    Mongrelfolk fighter 2
    Cha modifier: -2
    Soldier: 5
    Moral bonus: -1
    Leadership: 1
    Boons: None
    Special: When leading the first ascendants gains +4 to moral and leadership

    Dunklehelm, mercenary leader
    Dwarf fighter tactician 5
    Cha modifier: +1
    Soldier: 8
    Moral bonus: +3
    Leadership: +5
    Boons: Loyalty
    Special: Will only lead his company
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