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There's really nothing to be reminded about, if you want to settle for less by all means do play 5e or any other edition. your choice.
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I like this discussion, but don't have time to make much of a response.

Though I came up with this allegory:

D&D is like Star Trek. The AD&D/1e is The Original Series, for obvious reasons, and the following movies are 2e. The Next Generation is represented by 3e, and Voyager is 3.5e, where they take the last version and make it better. I suppose Deep Space 9 is the smaller series of splatbooks released at the end of 3e, before 3.5. Fourth edition is Enterprise. And finally, 5e is shown in the reboot movies.

D&D is an allegory for Star Trek. 1e is TOS, and 2e is the accompanying movies. TNG is shown by 3e, and Voyager is 3.5e. DS9 is the series of splatbooks in between. 4e is Enterprise, and 5e is the reboot films.

Or maybe DS9 is 3.5, and Voyager is 3.5's many splatbooks.

(Yes, I know 2e is also AD&D.)

Short version
This one works because reboot has similar plot to original series:
3.5e feels like the original movies, and 5e is like the reboot.

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