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    Default Re: The Book of the (Not-So) Dead: Undead Options for 5e PCs (PEACH)

    If the consensus is that the advantage is too powerful, I can change it to Advantage on the conditions that an Undead creature is typically immune.

    EDIT: Potential Revamp.

    Unnatural Resilience: You have advantage on saves against the poisoned, paralyzed, stunned, and exhausted conditions.
    Though I worry that the Deathless might be a bit weak with that. Not sure. Resistance without a vulnerability is still really good.

    Hm. You know, I forgot about the intellect devourer. Here's a bit of errata.

    An Intellect Devourer's consumption of brains is magical in nature. As long as something has an intelligence score, the intellect devourer can target it (or possess it). An Eidolon's manifest stone counts as its brain for the purpose of an intellect devourer's powers. I cannot guarantee that they will enjoy the taste...

    Similarly, an Illithid can suck on a Manifest Stone like a psychic jawbreaker. It's not nutritious, but then since when do they care about nutrition?
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