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    Default Re: The Book of the (Not-So) Dead: Undead Options for 5e PCs (PEACH)

    I've adjusted the Unnatural/Deathless Resilience ability to be a bit less overpowering. Now it is a general resistance to Conditions. Potent, but not overpoweringly so.

    I still worry that the Deathless is a bit weak, however. Radiant damage isn't that common in a good aligned campaign, though a Deathless would probably be targeted a lot by it by confused spellcasters. It's a neat gotcha power, but should the Deathless also have some other minor thing? A proficiency in a skill? A second Cantrip? I'm honestly not sure.

    Here were things I was considering.

    Undead Opposition: Deathless are the anathema of the undead. A Deathless's melee attacks count as magical for the purpose of overcoming a corporeal undead's damage immunity.
    Heart of Light: A Deathless may cast the light cantrip, but it must always target themselves.
    Terrible Radiance: A Deathless knows the sacred flame cantrip.

    Would adding something else be too powerful?

    EDIT: I decided on Heart of Light, as it's not a terribly powerful mechanical ability, and adds a bit of flavor.
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