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I like this. All I have to say. Some parts gave me a good laugh, and the crunch is solid all-around. Although I wonder if some races don't get a few too many racial traits.
That's my concern as well. I think this will see a revision once I can get my hands on the DMG, but I'm not really sure yet.

If everything is too much, you might consider dropping some of the following traits:

  • A Necropolitan's Gravemind
  • A Dhampir's Bewitching Gaze
  • A Deathless's Heart of Light
  • An Eidolon's Haunting or Sculpt Visage.

But I'm not certain yet. Over all, I don't think any of these races are groundshakingly overpowered, but I'm playing it by ear.

...though I am glad I made you laugh! If nothing else it was entertaining!