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One of the other rai·son d'ê·tre' of this thread is trying to figure out where chapter breaks might be. I figure we're looking at around 10 to 12 chapters (including calling an epilouge a chapter), depending on whether or not Rich skips a chapter for commentary and/or some chapters have more than one page of commentary.
I made this list earlier in the thread, though I have added two additional brakes thanks to fellow playgrounders:

  1. 673-698: Desert shenanigans
  2. 699-709: Team Evil
  3. 710-734: Empire of Blood (part 1)
  4. 735-774: Empire of Blood (part 2)
  5. 775-822: Arena
  6. 823-833: Team Evil
  7. 834-863: Girard's pyramid (outside/top floor)
  8. 864-898: Girard's pyramid (inside)
  9. 899-936: Advanced Escaping
  10. 937-946: Epilogue