Our session is next week, but in order for me to prepare the players have sent the 7th level updates to me. I'll be posting them here, and now that I've learned to do table a bit, it will be slightly more nifty.

Here goes! (Do remember that all character got +1 feat, +2 skills, +1 to a save and +5 permanent hp from the trial at the Hall of Heroes (Replacing Iomedae's benefits in the first module).

Stat Andera Julian Mad dog Sena
Race Human Human Half elf Aasimr (human scion)
Class Ninja 7 (Scout) Sorcerer (Arcana bloodline) Barbarian 7 Cleric of Sarenra 7
Alignment CG CG CG NG
HP 53 (pre lvl 7 roll) 55 86 47 (pre lvl 7 roll)
Abilities (Heroic scores) 10, 19, 12, 13, 10, 16 10, 14, 14 ,12, 10, 20 (22 with headband) 19, 14, 14, 10, 14, 10 16, 13, 10, 10, 18 (20 with headband), 16
Traits Chance encounter, group fighter Exposed to awfulness, Arcane temper Stolen Fury, Demon slayer Touched by divinity, eyes and ears of the city
Regular feats Weapon finesse, two weapon fighting, shadow strike, blind fight, extra ki+ 7th lvl feat? Eschew materials, spell penetration (+ greater), Expanded arcana (twice), metamagic- silent, still, piercing Skill focus (Survival), power attack, cleave, finishing cleave, weapon focus (great sword), dodge Combat casting, selective channeling, heavy armor proficiency, alignment channel (Vs. Chaotic evil)+ 7th lvl feat?
Main skills Stealth, acrobatics, Disable device, diplomacy, bluff, UMD Bluff, diplomacy, intimidate, spellcraft, perception perception, survival, acrobatics Perception, diplomacy, sense motive
Main magic items Mithral chain short +1, +1 cold iron wakizashi, daredevil boots, bunch of bane arrows Headband of charisma, cloak of resistance +2, 4 spell knowledge pages +1 Adamantine great sword, demon defiant breast plate +1, defense boosting items Head band of wisdom +2, full plt and shield +1, +1 cold iron demon bane scimitar, bunch of scrolls
Special class features: Tricks: Vanishing trick, sacred sneak attack, wall climber, sudden disguise Hawk familiar Rage powers: Superstition, reckless abandon, witch hunter Domains: Heroism & good
Mythic path Trickster Archmage Champion Hierophant
Path signature ability Surprise attack Wild arcana Sudden attack Inspired spell
Path ability Defensive move Enduring armor Flash of rage Heathen slayer
Mythic feat Mythic weapons finesse Spell lore (Mythic spell) Mythic power attack Extra mythic power